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Project Mouse: Characters and Autographs + FREEBIE

I’m just back from our amazing family Disneyland trip. Have you missed me?? Or maybe I should ask…have you been missing Project Mouse? Well, wait no longer because this week we are focusing on all those magical character moments!! Let’s face it – giving that adorable mouse a hug and getting our photo taken with him is like THE HIGHLIGHT of our Disney trips. Am I right?? Add Project Mouse: Bundle No. 3 to your stash and you’ll be pocket scrapping all your character meet & greets in a flash! Today Britt-ish Designs and I are back with the next addition of Project Mouse, a HUGE pack of autograph cards, and even MORE – a HUGE pack of character journal and filler cards AND an amazing word bits pack.

I am so excited to begin capturing our trip now that we are freshly back. Project Mouse is going to be a perfect way to document our week. For those of you interested in my Trip Report, I’m in the middle of writing it right now (OK, I’m still on Day 1!) HAHA!! But I will be sharing a Trip Report sometime this week.


Project Mouse: Character Moments

We go through –> Autgraphs and Character Meetings
1) “Project Mouse: Autograph Cards”
2) “Project Mouse: Characters”
3) “Project Mouse: Character Word Bits”

project mouse: characters by britt-ish designs and sahlin studio

project mouse: character word bits by britt-ish designs and sahlin studio

project mouse: autograph cards by britt-ish designs and sahlin studio
You can purchase all the new products at a 30% savings if you purchase Bundle No. 3.
OR if you’re interested in the individual packs, those are 20% off all weekend too!
project mouse: bundle 3 autographs and characters by britt-ish designs and sahlin studio

Creative Inspiration

Printing Them Off to Take Along

I am SO excited to show you what I did before my trip. I printed the autograph cards before I left, cut them, and placed them into a pouch ready to take with us on our trip. (For those of you wanting printing advice, I will be doing a post about that on the blog this week as well…so stay tuned.) I was pretty excited about this idea, because I knew how easy it would be once I came back home to just slip them right into my Project Life / Project Mouse binder and page protectors when I arrived back. Here are a few pictures of the cute autograph cards printed out and ready to take with me! Is this not the best thing ever?!
kristasahlin - inspirational scrapbook layout

One of Britt’s CT members, Justine, ALSO printed the autograph cards to take along on her trip.
bellbird - inspirational scrapbook layout

Another of Britt’s CT members, Melinda, ALSO went to Disneyland and took the autograph cards with her. She sent us some super cute photos of Minnie signing her card. How fun is this?? I love the idea of taking ACTUAL Project Mouse products with you to the park!

Documenting Once You’re Back Home

Krista >>> Since I’m just back from our first Disneyland trip, I am SO ready to start creating pages! Because I printed the autograph cards beforehand to take with me and had the characters sign directly on them, it was super easy to just slip them into my Project Life page protectors. Check them out:

Britt>>> I love Britt’s page and how she described her process of using the digital pocket-styled scrappbooking for this “magical” moment – “This was one of my most favorite memories from this past trip, which normally I shy away from scrapping because it scares me! I don’t know why, it just does. I powered through with my pocket style “experiment” and I have to admit I love the results. It’s photo-centric – the photos tell the story. But there’s heartfelt journaling as well. Yay. Mission accomplished.”

britt - inspirational scrapbook layout
NOW… Let me show you some layouts from both of our creative teams that were created to document Disney memories! You’ll see a mix of “pocket style” and traditional digi-scrap layouts. After that I’ll show you how versatile these packs are and how they can be used for non-Disney pages too.

QuiltyMom - inspirational scrapbook layout

amberr - inspirational scrapbook layout


amberr - inspirational scrapbook layout


QuiltyMom - inspirational scrapbook layout


lingovise - inspirational scrapbook layout


AnaPaula - inspirational scrapbook layout


jenna - inspirational scrapbook layout


fonnetta - inspirational scrapbook layout


amberr - inspirational scrapbook layout


snowdrop - inspirational scrapbook layout


christie - inspirational scrapbook layout


erica - inspirational scrapbook layout holly - inspirational scrapbook layout
erica holly
melinda - scrapbook layoutsucali - scrapbook layout
melinda sucali

yzerbear19 - scrapbook layout yzerbear19 - scrapbook layout

damayanti - inspirational scrapbook layout


carolee - inspirational scrapbook layout



More Great Inspiration for Documenting Other Memories:

neeceebee - inspirational scrapbook layout
justalisfine - inspirational scrapbook layoutjustagirl
justalisfine justagirl
lor - inspirational scrapbook layout


These cards are something I created to use in my own personal Disney vacation book, and I thought you would love them too, so I wanted to share them with you…completely FREE! Here’s a FREE pack of “Mr. Mouse” Cards to add to your Project Mouse creations!

“Mr. Mouse”
(click image to go to the blog to download)
sahlin studio mr mouse cards freebie


Britt ALSO has a fun FREE set of “Character Silhouettes” for you today.
Be sure to stop by her blog to snag them.



  • okay, so, seeing these adorable cards with all the awesome character autographs on them made me flip! i love how the cards can be recolored for a specific character too. thanks so much for the latest installment of your beautiful disney designs!

  • Cute kits. I won’t be doing Disney but some of the cards would work for other things. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much! Too cute!

  • Love the project mouse collection. Thank you for the freebie!

  • Oh, I am so longing to go to Disneyland! It’s been several many years and it truly is “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Thank you for the adorable Mr. Mouse cards as well as the earlier character cards. I am planning (plotting) and saving for my next trip!

  • Kimberly T. says:

    Love this whole kit!! Thanks for the freebie!

  • A Texas Granma says:

    Great kit. Love seeing the layouts and thanks for the freebie!

  • Awesome! We are taking our kids to Disneyland for their first visit next month. For the autograph cards, did you run into any problems with the characters being able to sign them, since they’re not in a book? Or do you have any advice on this front? Thanks!

    • Oooh… YAY!! You guys will have a blast.

      About the character autograph cards, no, I didn’t have any troubles with them signing the cards. Sometimes they signed the card on the table (for a character meal). Otherwise, I had put them in a small brag book to bring them to the park, so I could use the back of that for the character to sign on (for something hard to write on). I didn’t have any troubles at all! It worked pretty slick.

      One piece of advice I would give is maybe write on the back of the card who you want to sign it? OR be sure to go through the cards before you get up to the character, so you have the right card. My kiddos fumbled a little bit to get the right card they wanted… so I had just wished I wrote the names on the back so they were easy for them to spot the one they had wanted. Then again, maybe most people don’t care which card they sign. HAHA!!

  • If ever we get out to Disney Land or World, I’m totally using this kit. I just LOVE it. Thanks for the freebies.

  • crystalnva says:

    Very cute THANK YOU ;~}

  • Love the new stuff!! You can also scan the autographs from a regular autograph book and then add them to the cards digitally. I did that for our 2010 photobook, and it worked really well. 🙂

  • Thank you so much!

  • I just love Project Mouse … & these autograph cards are terrific! Thanks also for the freebie … of all the Disney characters, Mickey is my favorite!

  • Everything is awesome, Krista!!! We were in Disneyland Paris last week, so I’ll definitely be using your goodies for my PL! 🙂 And thank you for the freebie! Love it!!!

  • I hope you had a great time at Disneyland 🙂 I LOVE project mouse! Thank you for these cards!

  • Super cute kits this week – glad you are back!
    thanks for the freebie too –

  • Sandy_in_MD says:

    Looks like you had a great time – thank you so much for sharing your pages. (and thanks for the freebie set, too)

  • Hi thanks for the freebie, even though i have never been to Disney land 🙁 ( i live in OZ) my sister brought back Mickey ears for my son. so these will be great to scrapbook pics of him wearing them.

    Thanks again.

  • Thank you for the cute cards!

  • Thank you to you and to Britt for both your great cards. We go to Disneyland this summer so I am excited to have these ready when we get back. I would have thanked Britt on her site, but her blog makes it too hard to post there. I hate having to log in to Google to be able to post. Thank you for keeping it simple!

  • I’m so excited, I love these! I can’t wait to read your trip report because we’ve been to WDW many times but we’re taking our first trip to DL in a couple of months so I’m anxious to see what tips you have. Thanks for the freebie!

  • Thank you so much!! I am loving these kits!!

  • thank you!

  • Catherine says:

    Thank you so very much!! Love them!!

  • Thank you so much! Love this whole set 🙂

  • libbywilko says:

    So cute… all this Project Mouse make me want to go… wish the US wasn’t so far from Australia. Thanks for the cards Krista I’ll save them up.

  • Hello, Love the signature stuff! I can’t wait to start printing for our upcoming June trip to Disneyland! Out of all our trips to Disney, this will be the first time we’ve collected signatures. I’m glad we waited. My soon to be 9 year old DS said he wasn’t sure he wanted to meet characters on this trip. But when I asked if we should get signatures that changed his mind. I’m glad we waited to do this because it’s new and exciting again!

    Up above there is a picture by “Justine” that looks like she printed the pages and put them into a black portfolio looking thing. Can you tell me what that is? It looks like it has a clipboard attached to it to hold the paper down?

    • YAY!! That is so great! It’s always fun to create new magic. He will have a blast having the sign autograph cards. My kiddos LOVED it!! They also got into picking out their favorite cards, and which card a certain character would sign… so it was fun to get the involved in that way too!! As to the black portfolio: I believe that Justine did what I did as well (mine is red)… but she used a small cheap brag photo book to store the cards in while at the park. Then I am assuming she will use the back of the book for the flat surface for the character to sign on. It’s a brilliant idea to have the clip to hold the card as well!!
      Have fun prepping for your trip!

  • Thank you!!!!

  • I love these things, but I must say I don’t seem to fully “get” the pocket scrapbooking thing. I don’t know why, I see the examples.

    I’m a Disneyland annual passholder and we go about once a week, so naturally I have tons of Disneyland pictures, but I haven’t been too successful at documenting them.

    • That is SO awesome!! You are so lucky to be able to see Mickey often. I’m jealous. 🙂
      As to the pocket scrapbooking, it’s just another way of documenting a trip. If you don’t understand HOW to do pocket scrapbooking, I have a great post that talks about it a little more: I love so many different methods of documenting from tradition scrapbooking to digital, now to pocket scrapbooking. I’ve found it to be a fast and easy way for me to store away some of those fantastic Disney moemtns!

  • I especially like the upper ones, the reduced layout. They work great! Hopefully I’ll visit Mickey one day so I can use them!

  • Thanks so much!

  • I’m loving seeing each edition as it comes out! And thanks for the freebie!

  • The project mouse bundles are amazing! You and Brittney did a great job. Can you please tell me how many bundles will be coming out? I’ve seen four so far. I need to save money to buy them all together. Will there be a special price pack for all bundles? Thank you.

    • HAHA!! We are sure having fun. I’m not sure how many we will be doing. We have alot of ideas!! We will probably keep going as long as people that continue to be interested in them, and that we still have the creative energy to keep going with the theme. As to a full bundle… HMMM… probably not. Since we most likely will pick this up every now and again, we will never have a DONE full pack. The best deals will be in each BUNDLE packs. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you for responding and for making these adorable bundles with Brittney.
        Okay I guess I have to start saving and buying them one by one because I predict many more will come in the future.

  • Even if we’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld yet, there are different theme parks that we’ve been to and this adorable kit is inspiring me to scrap those photos in the same way! Thank you so much for all the freebies!!

    • I’m SO glad!! Yes, these kits could work perfectly for carnivals, fairs or theme parks PERFECTLY!! HAve fun!

  • Thank you so much! They are adorable. We went to Disney many years ago and I never scrapped, but now that I have PL those pics will get in the album for sure!

  • […] to see creative inspiration using Project Mouse: Bundle No. 3? Click here to see examples from our creative […]

  • So cute – thank you!

  • Thank you for the cute cards!

  • Hi! I can see I’m not the only one who LOVES project mouse! thanks for putting this together and making it available! it is perfect!!

    I am wondering where I can find the cards that have the character silhouettes? they are so cute and i see they are on many of the inspiration pages and assumed when i bought the character set, they would be included in that, but they are not. can you tell me where to find those? thank you so much!


    • Hi Amy, Those character cards were freebies that Britt created for her personal album and shared on her blog. But… after a comments from a few readers that were uncomfortable with the fact we shared them… we’ve decided to take them down. I’m so sorry you didn’t get a chance to grab them. You are welcome to email me, I’m happy to share (

  • Milagros Arango says:

    I love these! Wish I knew how to scrapbook digitally!

    • I have quite a bit of tutorials in the tutorial section to get you started. OR feel free to print most of these items for your paper layouts and projects. I am doing a physical printed version of my Project Mouse album.

  • I was wondering if this is free and printables..
    if printables. What kind of papers i can print it from?

    how do i print it??


  • Thank you so much!

  • Thank you for the lovely printable!