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Journal Starters

JOURNAL IT: That’s my Mom…

That’s My Mom… (or could use: dad, daughter, son, etc) This sentence alone could be used to inspire a story in SO many ways. It doesn’t have to be a picture of your mom or even a picture of you. Write this phrase down and let it take you somewhere. How about a photo of […]

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JOURNAL IT: This perfectly imperfect moment

This prompt is another one that you will be able to use on quite a few layouts or photos in your stash. All of us love to scrap those those gorgeous photos of our loved ones, and record those unforgettable memories. But, what about those photos that don’t turn out so picture perfect? Or those […]

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JOURNAL IT: A Beautiful Moment

Our lives are full of beautiful moments. That is the whole reason we scrap, isn’t it? To capture and record those beautiful moments. Sometimes those memories are captured in a photo and don’t even need additional journaling. The photo, itself, says it all. Some of them beg for the story to be told. Maybe you […]

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Journal It: right here, right now.

The prompt is another one that you will be able to use on pretty much ANY layout. Today’s Prompt is: right here, right now. This could really help to transport you to being in that moment. How could you use this prompt? You could: 1) Add this sentiment on your page. Even just this will […]

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Journal It: Once Upon a Time

Today’s Prompt is: Once Upon a Time… Now yes, I DID say that this could be used on most any layout… I’m sure you immediately connect it with fairytale or reading type layout or photos. But it isn’t… This prompt COULD work on any type of layout is because that is how story’s start, right? […]

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Scrapbooking Christmas Memories and Traditions


Journal It: Scrapbooking Christmas Memories and Traditions Christmas is one of the best times of the year. It means more time for: family, holiday baking, crafting, seeing friends, festivities, food, and the excitement of the season. Yet it always seems like the holiday flies by. Before you know it, it’s February and the wonderful memories […]

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Need Help Journaling? Use Adjectives to Tell Your Story

Need Help Journaling? Try Use Adjectives to Help Tell Your Story

Have you ever scrapped an amazing layout… then left it without any words on the page? How does the page feel? Does it create a meaning or feeling when you look at it?? Don’t just don’t leave it blank, try adding a quote, description of a little journaling. Use One, Two or Three Adjectives What […]

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Journal it: How Do I Love You

Back when I paper scrapped, I always finished my kid’s scrapbooks with a picture of them and I paired it with a poem. Yep, I always paired it with the very same poem at the end of each book. It was a poem I found in the book, “The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Kids”, who […]

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JOURNAL IT: Happiness is… YOU

Let’s start with the first prompt: HAPPINESS IS….. YOU! You could: 1) Add this sentiment on your page. Even this quote will make you smile when you look at your photographs OR 2) Add this sentiment on your page, then use it as a Journal Starter.  WHY “Happiness is… You”.   Does it makes you think […]

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