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Journal It: Once Upon a Time

Today’s Prompt is: Once Upon a Time…

Now yes, I DID say that this could be used on most any layout… I’m sure you immediately connect it with fairytale or reading type layout or photos. But it isn’t… This prompt COULD work on any type of layout is because that is how story’s start, right? Your story. You could have photos of your family at the park, and this prompt could lead your to story to tell about that particular park, one particular thing that your child LOVES about the park, or how you’ve dream the family you have… the list could go on and on. Let try another one. Let’s say you have photos of a birthday. You could have the prompt lead you to tell the story of the birth, or maybe one thing that the birthday individual had on his wish, or about the gifts that were received or lastly, maybe of the ‘magical’ party that ensued. I could keep going by I hope you get the idea. Think about, “Once Upon a Time…” to take you deeper to find the story.

How could you use this prompt? You could:
1) Add this sentiment on your page. Even just this will make you feel a hint of whimsy and dreaming! OR
2) Add this sentiment on your page, AND, perhaps a story to go with the “Once Upon A Time” It could inspire you to think of a story, any story of this person, a day that you had (when the picture was taken)

Need anymore ideas? Hmmmm, let’s see. How ’bout using it to describe a autumn day outdoors, or a date with your husband. It could be whimsical of a child playing or hard in thought.

See where this can take you?

Here are a couple sample layouts:

For example: I was doing a layout about a surgery that my daughter, Sophie had to have. I knew there was a story to tell and this prompted helped perfectly to set the stage for me to begin my journaling.

by: kristasahlin

by: cnscrap

Hopefully this helps to make you inspired as well!!



  • scaccogirl says:

    I'm turning a corner with my scrapping, and, while never neglecting the photos, I feel its time to tell the stories. There are more than just images, but words and details that make the images special. So I am very glad that "Journal It" is back. Thanks a bunch!