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JOURNAL IT: This perfectly imperfect moment

This prompt is another one that you will be able to use on quite a few layouts or photos in your stash. All of us love to scrap those those gorgeous photos of our loved ones, and record those unforgettable memories. But, what about those photos that don’t turn out so picture perfect? Or those memories that are not so perfect? Sometimes those are the BEST memories or have the funniest story. We need to remember to capture those imperfect moments as well.

Today’s Prompt is: “perfectly imperfect” OR “this perfectly imperfect moment”

How could you use this prompt? You could:
1) Add just this sentiment on your page. Having only this will make you smile at this perfectly (not so perfect) memory OR
2) Add this sentiment on your page, AND, add perhaps WHAT the memory or story is behind this imperfect memory. Just because it was imperfect doesn’t mean that there isn’t a story to go along with it. Was it about a child that got into mischief? Or an adorable puppy that has wreaked havoc on your home?Think back to the moment this picture was taken. Does it bring back the day? What it something they said? Was it funny? Sad? Or perhaps a feeling?
See where this can take you?

For example: I looked through my folders ‘of pictures yet to scrap’ specifically looking for perfectly “imperfect” moments. And SHOCKER…. there were at least a dozen or so different photos and moments that would’ve worked. Then I saw these photos (below). Perfect. I remember this moment like it was yesterday. Taking my son on his first “grown up” roller coaster. And even though he was SO excited, and wanted SO badly to go on a big kid roller coaster, he didn’t have the perfect time like he though he would. Not that it was bad or good… but it just was. So I got to work scrapping this moment. Check out my layout:Photobucket

Take today’s journal prompt and scrap a “perfectly imperfect moment”, because even imperfect memories need to be recorded! I would encourage you to record the full story. This prompt might make a great title, or it might find its place in the middle of your journaling, but those looking back at the pages of your imperfect memories will love to hear the story however you choose to share it. So write it down! And when you do, be sure to share it with us by posting a link in the comments section of this post!

As always I love to see what you create, and hope that you will play along with this week’s prompt!