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A Disney / Universal Vacation – A Printed Album

A Disney / Universal Vacation – A Printed Album by Angie Kyle using Project Mouse by Sahlin Studio

One of my favorite things about being a scrapbook product designer is the realization that my products help others to document their most treasured memories.  So when I see what people have created, from pages, to layouts to books… it is pretty surreal. Truly, it is an honor and by far one of the best […]

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Keeping Up with Project Life: TIP #2 Take Notes

Keeping Up with Project Life - Tip #2: Take Notes

Photos may be worth 1,000 words, but they don’t always tell the whole story. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but get those stories written down somehow, especially the “little” things like a photo caption that are so easy to forget, but so meaningful in the future. Here’s a few ideas for capturing your memories in words – some of them you may already be doing without realizing it!

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Project Life YOUR Way – Scrapping a Month or an Event

If you are anything like me, there is just no way you can keep up with the “regular” method of Project Life scrapping, which is completing weekly spreads with photos and highlights of the week. It is great for people who can manage it, but I am just not that organized. Plus, I scrap my […]

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Keeping Up with Life: TIP#1 Take Photos

Keeping Up With Life / Project Life - TIP#1 Take Photos!!

I wanted to title this “Keeping up with Project Life,” but even that isn’t an accurate reflection of my process right now! So I’m just being honest. Here’s a nutshell of my life since January (maybe you can relate?): Baby #4 born, moved cross-country, husband lost job, husband found new job, lived with parents, moved […]

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December Daily Foundation Pages – Amy Kingsford

December Daily / Project Life hybrid album by askings4b featuring making spirits bright: (collection) by sahlin studio

I can’t believe it’s this time again already! December Daily time!! It seems like only last month that I was finishing last year’s December album (oh wait…that’s probably because I did just finish it up last month). Well anyhow, this year is a new year right?! I have to say I’m proud of the planning […]

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Using a Digital Kit to Create a Paper Layout

Using a Digital Kit to Create a Paper Layout - Brenda

Hi all! Brenda here to show you a peek into my digital/paper hybrid crafting process. I LOVE paper scrap-booking but sometimes I just fall in love with a good digital design. That is where a good hybrid technique will help to fill my love for both. First, choose the kit you would like to work with. […]

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Using Digital Products in Holiday Home Decor

Holiday Home Decor Using Digital Vintage Christmas Alpha Cards - Decor by City Farmhouse

Check out a variety of ways to decorate your home for the Christmas season using digital Vintage Alpha Christmas Cards. I LOVE how creative Jen, of City Farmhouse, was in using these cards in her holiday decorating, for tree ornaments, gift wrapping and banners. (And psssst….. keep reading, I have a special FREEBIE for you at the end!!)

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The Best Way to Read Blogs: Blog Readers

The BEST way to read Blogs: Blog Readers

I LOVE to read blogs. From DIY / Home Improvement blogs, to cooking, to inspirational scrapbooking blogs, the end of the night for me means the chance to scroll through some of my favorite blogs. Welcome the most Blog Reader. I know these aren’t a new idea, but as I was reading through mine I thought would share how cool these are!!

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VACATION MEMORIES| how do you keep track?

When taking a vacation you want to make sure that you capture those vacation memories to share with family and friends. However, our memories are so much more than just photos in an album, and by including memorabilia (as well as journaling), you can create a well-rounded view of your trip.

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