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Project Mouse: Leading Up to the Magic + FREEBIE

I have been so pleased over your happy responses to Project Mouse. It is so much fun to hear that you are as excited as we are about Project Mouse!! Britt and I both started off this project as something to do for our own trips…but as our ideas grew, we realized how amazing this could be for so many people. Not just as a fast and easy way to scrap, but one that would focus on the DETAILS of our magical vacations. If you aren’t quite sure what Project Mouse is about, our mission, back story, and details can be found in this post here,  Welcome to Project Mouse!  I highly encourage you to click over and read it.

Are you ready for another week of Project Mouse?? Last week we looked at Project Mouse: Bundle No. 1 BASICS, which is a starter kit (of sorts) which you can use to scrap throughout your entire album. THIS week…it’s ALL about what happens “Leading Up to the Magic”! I believe that your vacation begins even before you get to that magical destination. Think of the memories created just anticipating your trip. From the moment your special destination is first revealed, to the booking of your trip, from creating countdowns to ticking off the days until you leave on your trip, to your flight and arriving at your destination…

Project Mouse: Bundle No. 2 “Leading Up to the Magic”

We go through –> Countdown, Planning, Travel, and Arrival
1) “Project Mouse: Reveal/Countdown”
2) “Project Mouse: Planning”
3) “Project Mouse: On our Way”
4) “Project Mouse: We’re Here”

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How are these Different? Memory Prompts

These packs are a little different from the last couple…How??  Well, we didn’t want to create something just to help scrapbook your trip…but something MORE that would actually help capture the DETAILS of your trip. Those little details and the small moments that have been easily forgotten or that you don’t always get photographs of.  Included in each of these packs you will find numerous story prompts, blank forms, journalers, phrases, and memory joggers to help trigger and capture those small moments of your trip.

(click images to see more details)
project mouse: reveal / countdown by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Design project mouse: planning by britt-ish designs and sahlin studio
project mouse: on our way by britt-ish designs and sahlin studio project mouse: we're here! by britt-ish designs and sahlin studio
Let’s break it down and I’ll show you each of the packs and what you can capture with each.

Pack #1: Project Mouse: Reveal/Countdown

The Reveal / Countdown pack is perfect for capturing your highly anticipated vacation – From the moment your special destination is first revealed, to creating fun countdowns to mark your vacation day, these include cards to help you document the anticipation and what you did before the trip.

project mouse: reveal / countdown by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish DesignShop Now

Would you like to see how a few have used Project Mouse: Reveal/Countdown?
Creative Inspiration
clemmon03 - inspirational scrapbook layout
amberr - inspirational scrapbook layout
Hanazana - inspirational scrapbook layout

Pack #2: Project Mouse: Planning

Don’t Overlook the Planning Process…there are so many moments that are worth remembering just from the planning of your trip. This will be perfect for documenting when you booked your reservation – what are the basic details of when you took your trip? What about capturing snapshots of your planning tools, such as calendars and a basic trip itinerary? Did you make anything for your trip? Were you excited to stay at your dream hotel? Do you struggle to remember those special dinning reservations you had? You will find numerous story prompts and memory joggers to help trigger those fun planning details of your trip.

project mouse: planning by britt-ish designs and sahlin studioShop Now

Would you like to see how a few have used Project Mouse: Planning?
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clemmon03 - inspirational scrapbook layout
amberr - inspirational scrapbook layout
pne123 - inspirational scrapbook layout
amberr - inspirational scrapbook layout
neeceebee - inspirational scrapbook layout

Pack #3: Project Mouse: On Our Way

The On Our Way pack is everything you need to celebrate the “joy of the journey”. Whether you plan on reaching your destination via plane or automobile, these journaling spots will help you document everything from on the road pit stops to every last “Are we there yet?”. You will find numerous story prompts, travel journal cards for trip reports, travel-themed phrases, maps & baggage tickets to help capture the details of your journey.

project mouse: on our way by britt-ish designs and sahlin studioShop Now
Would you like to see how you can use Project Mouse: On Our Way?
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clemmon03 - inspirational scrapbook layout
my2monkeys - inspirational scrapbook layout
cindys732003 - inspirational scrapbook layout

Pack #3: Project Mouse: Arriving – We’re Here!

The Project Mouse: We’re Here! pack is all about when you GET there and want to yell, “WE’RE HERE!!”. You’ve done all the planning, packed all the suitcases, traveled, and have ARRIVED at your temporary “home away from home”. As you settle in, you start to notice all the special reasons you chose this locale – the decorated room, the carefully folded towels, the yummy pillow mints. Record all those memorable details with blank checklists, journaling spots, and word art cards. This will help you document everything about your accommodations, from the first helpful bellhop to the last continental breakfast – and everything in between!

project mouse: we're here! by britt-ish designs and sahlin studioShop Now
Would you like to see how you can use Project Mouse: We’re Here?
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clemmon03 - inspirational scrapbook layout
cindys732003 - inspirational scrapbook layout
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neeceebee - inspirational scrapbook layout
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Tronesia - inspirational scrapbook layout
MelindaS - inspirational scrapbook layout

More Great Inspiration for Documenting Other Memories:
Cristina - inspirational scrapbook layoutCristina - inspirational scrapbook layout

Our Personal Project Mouse Journey

KRISTA >>>>> I can not tell you how much fun doing the project is…we haven’t even left for our latest trip yet, but I’m capturing all these fun memories that we’ve made before the actual trip has even begun. I truly am enjoying myself with this hybrid pocket style album. It’s been fun to put in bits of notes the kids have written and drawings that my son drew of Donald Duck. I will be posting about this soon on my blog!!

BRITT >>>>> She is just as excited to use these card packs as I am!! She is continuing to conduct her little “experiment” by trying to scrap her entire Sept 2012 Disneyland trip Pocket Style – and Project Mouse is DEFINITELY getting her there. Check out her page!


Here’s a FREE pack of “We’re Going to Disney” Cards to add to your Project Mouse creations!
“We Are Going To . . . “
We Are Going to... by Sahlin Studio


More Project Mouse to Come

I really hope you are as excited as we are. Be sure to check back regularly on our blogs!! We each will be blogging about the whole project from each perspective, PLUS sharing any tips, tricks, and tutorials about things we learn on the way. Another way to stay in touch would be to sign up for my weekly newsletter. You can sign up here. (pssst…you get a free kit just for signing up)



  • This is such an amazing set! Thank you very much for the new cards!

  • Thanks for the freebie… I’ll have to customize the new cards to suit my needs (since we went to Disneyland Paris…) though 🙂
    The whole bundle is amazing (just like #1) ! Thanks for providing with a way to easily scrap those memories.

    • The card just says “We’re going to Disneyland”. So that should work perfectly for the Disneyland Paris as well!! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I am really enjoying this new line – particularly since I have hundreds of WDW pictures that need scrapbooked.

    Unfortunately, I am pretty unhappy that I overpaid for each of the new “Leading up to the Magic” sets when I bought them earlier this week using links from your blog post that appeared in my Google Reader RSS feed on Feb 16th. I bought each set separately (per the blog post that eventually was pulled down) and paid full price since no bundle was offered at that point. Is it possible to get a refund for the overpayment? It is Lilypad order #408395 on Feb 20th. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Amanda, I accidentally hit published (instead of update) when I was creating the post… ACK!! Yes, I am human. HAHA!! Anyway, that’s why the post looked so wonky. I am happy to work with you on this. Please email me at:

  • What wonderful freebies! I am loving this style of scrapbooking (digitally) and I can not wait to get started with these gorgeous kits. Thank you so much for your previous post! it was SO helpful for me!

  • Jennifer Butler says:

    These are super awesome! I can’t wait for to see the additional sets to the line!

    Jennifer B.

  • Jennifer Fredericks says:

    Looks like I am starting over my book. Wow oh wow. This is just so awesome.

  • These are gorgeous! The more I see the more I want to rescrap all my disney photos! I have been inspired to try and look for my disney photos of when I was a kit and went there. So much fun looking at all the pages from everyone’s trip. Love the color combination that you and Britt have chosen for this project as well. Thanks for the fabulous freebies too!

  • Thank you 🙂

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  • All of these sets are SO awesome..and could be used for lots of other things besides Disney…I love the bright colors! and thanks for the freebies! You are an awesome designer!

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks so much!

  • Jlynn Wilkinson says:

    Thank you – Can I ask a sneak peak question? will there be anything in other “non-traditional” colors? I’m looking for things like Princess colors. *cough* ahem. LOL. Just beginning to get really curious about how detailed this awesome kit is going to end up being!

  • thank you!!

  • Thank you for the cute cards. I love the new Project Mouse!

  • Truly an amazing kit! Can’t wait to see what else you have to surprise us with.

  • thank you!

  • We’ve been planning to take the kids but have to save up for the trip! When we do get to go, I’m so happy that the kits are available and waiting 🙂

  • Thank you so much!

  • Brooke Gazarek says:

    You girls did an amazing job on Project Mouse! I was just trying to figure out how I was going to scrapbook our Sept 2012 trip. I need to get it done before I forget all of our mouse memories! I’ve purchased both bundles and I am so excited to get started! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I LOVE this and am buying every kit as soon as it’s available. I am currently planning a three-generation trip to Walt Disney World, so I am using the planning cards right now. I am thinking ahead to how I want to use all the other cards. Could I ask you to consider something? Thanks, I knew you’d say that. Well in the We’re Here part there are two cards that say Our Room with space for a room number and an arrow. Is it possible to make one that says Their Room, too? Thanks for thinking about it. I can’t believe how perfect your timing is for this project and I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of the kits.

    • WOW!! How amazing… nothing like being at Disney with family. It sounds like it is going to be amazing! I’m so glad you are excited for Project Mouse…. we have lots of fun stuff to come.

  • thanks for the freebie! I am intrigued by your PM concept. Trying to decide if I want my newest Disney album to go this style . . .hmmmm

  • thank you for the cards, we went to Disneyworld in Orlando, but I’ll get creative!

  • crystalnva says:

    THANK YOU ;~}

  • Thank you!

  • Sandy_in_MD says:

    This is such a great idea – a fun way to document all aspects of the trip. Thanks so much for the coordinating freebie card set.

  • libbywilko says:

    Great cards, Thank you!

  • Jesica Anderson says:

    I just bought the project mouse kit, and have been trying to figure out where to print. I have so much stuff (ticket stubs, etc) that I want to include, so I have decided to use actual pocket pages and use my own handwriting on the cards. Can you recommend a place that prints on good quality paper, instead of photo paper or regular thin paper, if that makes sense. Thanks so much for any help!

    • Aboslutely!! This is exactly why I decided to do it this way this time around. Having those extra bits will sure make it fun! Printing. I will be doing a whole post on this soon. Probably this next week. I tried about 5 different places, so I can say there are MANY different options. You will be surprised but I found the BEST place to print has been my home computer (on Epson Matte Printer), the next super best option was my local Staples (I’m sure Office Max or something has a print center), I printed on my own paper (65 lb weight ream of paper) ($0.49/sheet of 8 1/2 x 11″inch paper which fits about 6 cards on a page) For more info stay tuned to my blog!

  • Melissa says:

    I was going through to re-download some things I lost with reformatting my computer but can’t seem to find the freebie from this newsletter 🙁 Is there any way to still get it?

    • I also woud like to download the freebie very much is there anyway to get it?
      I woud play for it if necessary.

      Thanks for the great project mouse kits you’ve created!

      • What freebie were you interested in?? After a comments from a few readers who were uncomfortable with the fact we shared items like this… we’ve decided to take them down. I’m so sorry you didn’t get a chance to grab them. We love making items like those! If you want to email me: I’d be happy to share. Hope this helps. Krista

  • Hello! Can I purchase the We’re going to disneyland cards since they are no longer available for download? They are perfect for our recent Disney trip! Thanks!