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Character Interaction Tips & Ideas: Pixar Characters

Meeting Characters is one of my favorite things to do at the parks! It can make your day when you have a wonderful and personalized meeting with a character. And, while getting an autograph and picture taken with a character is fun, having a great interaction with a character is even more fun!

On my last trip, my character meets seemed a little bit more unresponsive. This got me thinking… “what can I do to make a more personalized interaction between the character and my family?” I knew I need to talk to a Disney Veteran and Character Pro, Heather(snowdrop), (on my creative team). Heather has met over 195 characters, and has a website dedicated to characters she’s met, I Love Characters. Stop by her site to check out all her character meets.

A few months ago Heather wrote an article, Character Interaction Tips & Ideas: Princesses, with her tips for meeting, talking and interacting with your favorite princess. Check out that post here.


Character Interaction Tips: Pixar Characters

Today, here are some tips for getting some great interaction with characters from the Pixar movies! From Toy Story, the Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Cars, Up & Brave.
Tips & Pose Ideas On Interacting with Disney Pixar Characters: Sahlin Studio


Toy Story

Before writing about each Toy Story character, I should take time to address something that went viral earlier this year. Yelling “Andy is coming!” will NOT get a response. The characters won’t fall on the ground. This may have happened once or twice in the past, but it is too hard for the characters to do every time. Once this went viral, people were yelling this, even if they weren’t in line for the character. The only thing that might happen is an eye roll from the character attendant and others in line.  There are still a ton of fun things to do with these characters, though!

Meeting Buzz

-Ask how he feels about Jessie

-Ask him for Latin dance lessons. I’ve danced with Buzz several times!

-Ask about Zurg

-Compare notes on how you both have done on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (or Astro Blasters at Disneyland)

-Tell him he’s a toy!

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, ask to do a pose where he’s using the laser on his arm OR Buzz usually poses with his hand on his hip, so join in the fun!


Meeting Woody

-Greet him with “Howdy Partner!”

-Ask  if Andy’s name is still written on the bottom of his boot. Don’t be surprised if he decides to show you!

-Point out the pull tab on his back

-Ask where Bullseye is or if he still talks to Bo Peep

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, ask to do a shooting pose


Meeting Jessie

-Ask her about Buzz

-Talk about being a cowgirl

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, ask to do a pose where she’s holding onto her hat

A general tip for any character interaction, wear a shirt that relates to the character! I try to do this for character meals, or if I know I will be meeting a certain character that day. The character will usually react to seeing themselves on your clothing! Here’s a cute picture with Woody, Jesse, and Bullseye reacting to seeing themselves on my shirt.

Meeting Green Army Men

-Challenge him to pushups

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, salute!


Meeting Lotso

-Tell him you love strawberries

-Lotso is a hugger, so make sure you get a hug!




Meeting Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible

-Challenge Mr. Incredible to a arm wrestling match. (This works better at Hollywood Studios at Disney World than at California Adventure because there’s a table in the meet and greet area.)

-Ask about Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun photo, show off your muscles


Meeting Frozone

-Tell him how cool it is that he can freeze things!

-Tell him you don’t like the cold

-Ask if it was hard to keep up his secret idenity

Monsters Inc

Meeting Mike

-Tell him you’re happy he still has his Monsters University hat

-Talk to him about Sulley and relate it to your own best friend!

Meeting Sulley

-Call him “Kitty”

-He gives amazing hugs, so be sure to get a hug!

-Tell him you can help with the laugh power and tell him a joke!

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, growl and be scary like Sulley with your hands



Meeting Lightning McQueen, Mater, and/or Red

-Shout “Ka Chow” to Lightning McQueen

-Ask if you can “get an autograph”, and rub their tires on your autograph book

-For Red (at California Adventure), ask him not to spray you

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, lean your hand or arm on the car (but not too much!)



Meeting Russell

-Do the Wilderness Explorer call, “CAW CAW!”

-Talk about one of the Wilderness Explorer badges he’s received. Ask which is his favorite.

-Ask about Carl and Kevin

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, ask to do the Wilderness Explorer sign.


Meeting Dug

-Point and yell squirrel!

-Ask if you can pet him.

-Tell him you also don’t like the Cone of Shame


Meeting Merida

– Ask about her brothers and what trouble they are off causing. (At Disneyland the 3 bears are still at the meet and greet, but they are no longer at Disney World)

– Ask what it is like to live in Scotland.

– Talk about her wild red hair.

– Ask if it was strange to see her mom as a bear.

– Ask for some archery lessons.

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, ask to do an archery pose.


I hope this helps you come up with a few things to talk about next time you meet up with some of your favorite Pixar characters. Do you have any fun experiences to share? Share some things you’ve talked about in the comments!


  • I love these ideas, thanks for sharing Heather! I love photographing the green army guys, they are the best! We love saluting them and we’ve had one that used camouflage to hide from us (holding up a tiny leaf and hiding behind it). Our favorite Sully photo was of him hugging our son who was about 5 at the time, Sully held his arms over our son and you can’t even see him!

  • With the exception of a few of the face villains at MK, I’ve always thought that the Pixar characters were the most fun to meet. It helps that Hollywood Studios is my favorite park – I feel like I go there for characters more frequently than anywhere else. If you have any toys with you when you go and meet Buzz and Woody, they frequently like to play with them (especially if they light up or blow bubbles). With the Incredibles, one time we were telling Frozone that he was clearly the “coolest,” and unbeknownst to us at the time, Mr. Incredible wrote in my autograph book, “But I’m incredible :).” Those two tend to be more willing to draw extra little things in custom autograph books, especially if only one is represented – I’ve seen Frozone draw a stick figure of himself in next to a Mr. incredible sticker (again, the table helps). Lighting and Mater can also be good for taking silly pictures. My favorite is the time my friend used Mater’s side mirror to check his teeth; we also have pictures with them doing an over exaggerated kachow, hugging Lightning, sadly holding up autograph books (knowing full well they have no hands), putting hands on them and foot popping, and taking selfies. I’ve also seen some people come through, take a nice picture, then pull out fake teeth just like Mater’s – it was hysterical. And with Merida one time, my friend told her he’d been sent by her mother to test her princess skills – would she mind twirling for a photo and showing off her royal signature? After that, she turned it around on us and starting quizzing us on our knowledge of her family tree, using her tapestry.

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  • Thanks for making a post on this! Love the tips, will definitely be trying these on my upcoming trip to Disneyworld!

  • Great tips, thanks! Another fun one is to bring something to do with the characters. We had bought the bubble blowing, light-up guns for the kids to keep them happy in the line ups, and when we reached Merida she asked the kids to bring them over so they could all play together. We have some amazing photos of our kids and Merida popping bubbles together 🙂

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