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Character Interaction Tips & Ideas: Princesses

Meeting Characters is one of my favorite things to do at the parks! It can make your day when you have a wonderful and personalized meeting with a character. And, while getting an autograph and picture taken with a character is fun, having a great interaction with a character is even more fun!
On my last trip, my character meets seemed a little bit more unresponsive. This got me thinking… “what “I” can do to make a more personalized interaction between the character and my family?” I knew I need to talk to a Disney Veteran and Character Pro, Heather(snowdrop), (on my creative team). Heather has met over 173 characters, and has a website dedicated to characters she’s met, I Love Characters. I knew she would have some amazing tips and ideas for meeting your next characters.

Character Interaction Tips (Questions / Pose Ideas):  Meeting the Princesses


Characters are always ready to pose for photos and sign autographs, but you could be missing out on a bit of fun. They are always ready to play with guests and may just need a little prodding to do so. So try asking them a few things and you could get a really great and memorable experience.
Here are some ideas of what to say or ask the princesses to kickstart that great interaction:

Meeting Ariel

– Bring along a dinglehopper, see how she reacts.

– Ask about how is Eric doing?

– Talk about all the human treasures she has found.

– If you meet her in mermaid form, ask her if she misses her human legs. We’ve had some fun interaction talking about this! One time, she said she missed being able to walk to the bakery since bread gets soggy in water.

– Ask about Sebastian, Flounder or Scuttle.
PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a cute picture, ask her to make a fishy face:


Meeting Aurora

– Ask about her favorite color, see if she would rather be wearing a pink or blue dress. This is even better if you are wearing something pink or blue!

– Ask what it was like to be asleep for so long.

– Ask if she likes to takes naps

– Ask about Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, and what they are up to

– Ask her about Prince Philip

– If you are meeting her at Disney World, ask if she misses her castle at Disneyland! Or ask if she thinks her castle is better than Cinderella’s.
PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a cute picture, ask her to do a sleeping pose!


Meeting Belle

– Try asking her what she thinks of either Gaston or the Beast!

– Ask what types of books she likes to read. It would be fun if you brought your favorite book and held it in the picture!

– Ask about her dad and/or his inventions. If you visited the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction, you can even talk about the inventions you saw there.

– Ask which dress she likes better: her gold one or her blue one.

– Talk about Lumiere, Cogsworth, Chip, or Mrs. Potts.

PHOTO POSE IDEA: It’s fun to do a princess type pose for your picture, I was happy to be wearing a skirt when I met her last trip so we could do this pose



Meeting Cinderella

– Ask to see her shoes! After all, she wouldn’t be here without them, right? (On my last trip, we decided to dress up and meet the princesses and other characters. When we met Cinderella, I asked how she was able to walk around all day in her heels because my feet were already killing me!)

– Talk to her about her castle. (I ask if she will let us stay overnight in her castle, and every time she says no. But I’m going to keep trying!)

– Ask about her pumpkin carriage.

– Ask if she has tips on how to find your own fairy godmother.

– Ask if she is happy to be a princess and not living with Lady Tremaine and her step sisters anymore.

PHOTO POSE IDEA: A fun picture would be of everyone showing off their shoes.


Meeting Jasmine

– Ask if she likes flying on the magic carpet. You could even talk about how this compares to the flight you took to get to Disney.

– Ask what how Aladdin is or what he is doing today.

– Ask what it is like to have a pet tiger.

– Ask what her friend The Genie been up to.

– Ask if Jafar is still locked in the Genie lamp.

PHOTO POSE IDEA: Try having everyone cross there arms like Jasmine likes to do.


Meeting Merida

– Ask about her brothers and what trouble they are off causing. (At Disneyland the 3 bears are still at the meet and greet, but they are no longer at Disney World)

– Ask what it is like to live in Scotland.

– Talk about her wild red hair.

– Ask if it was strange to see her mom as a bear.

– Ask for some archery lessons. PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, ask to do an archery pose.


Meeting Mulan

– Ask her about Mushu.

– Ask about her time in the military.

– Ask what it was like to meet the Emperor.

– Ask her what she really thinks about the Matchmaker!

PHOTO POSE IDEA: For a fun picture, ask for a warrior pose.


Meeting Pocahontas

– Ask her to show you how to say hello in Powhatan.

– Ask about Meeko and Flit.

– Talk about her arm band.  This works really well if you have a visible tattoo.


Meeting Rapunzel

Of all the princesses, I’ve probably had some of the most fun interactions with Rapunzel. She’s the most spunky princess and likes to play along!

– Talk to her about her hair. Ask how it doesn’t get tangled (ha!)

– Tell her that you’ll never look at a frying pan the same way again. (We had such a long conversation about this last time, I don’t even remember it all!)

– Ask her where Flynn is.

– Ask about Pascal and Maximus.

– Talk about the lanterns.

– Ask her what is was like when she discovered she was the long lost princess.

– Ask her about her drawing or painting. During the Halloween and Christmas parties, Flynn meets with Rapunzel. We were having a conversation about drawing, and when Rapunzel asked me what I liked to draw, I said characters. (Confession, I can’t even draw a stick figure, but I was just playing along!) For some reason, Flynn thought I said flamingos. He decided to draw a flamingo on the page opposite his autograph. Then he added a Santa hat to make it Christmasy, then he added a goatee so it would be like him, then he named it a flynmingo!! Neither Rapunzel or I saw what he was doing until he was done, it was hilarious!



Meeting Snow White

– See if she has a favorite dwarf!

– Ask if she knows where the dwarves are and how are they doing.

– Ask what she thinks of apples.

– Ask her about wishing wells. This works great if you are meeting her at Germany in Epcot or Disneyland, both places she meets by her wishing well.

– Ask where her prince charming is.

– Talk about true love’s kiss.

PHOTO POSE IDEA: Here is another cute princess pose you can do:


Meeting Tiana

– Ask her who is minding her restaurant.

– Ask her what her favorite thing is to cook.

– Ask what she misses from being a frog.

– Ask her about Naveen and Louie.

– Ask what it is like living New Orleans.

– Talk to her about Jazz music and Mardi Gras.


I hope this helps you come up with a few things to talk about next time you meet up with your favorite princess. What about you, do you have any fun experiences to share?? Link up things that you’ve talked about with your favorite princesses.

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  • What an awesome blog on interacting with the characters! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Thanks for the great ideas. I’m way behind on my Princesses but I will be visiting Disney World in August on a 3-generation trip (I’m in the “most experienced” generation). This will help me figure out who’s who and what to say about it!

  • Alice from Alice in Wonderland probably doesn’t count as an official princess, but she’s part of the princess videos so I’ll include her here. My daughter met her last time and asked her why she wanted to follow the white rabbit. Several minutes of fun conversation followed. And while Alice hadn’t been a favorite character, she certainly was after! Now it’s the one my daughter talks about the most.

    • I love how Alice interacts with people too! We were a group of all adults so usually we would just take a picture and smile and continue on our way. Well Alice had notoced my mom wearing a heart necklace and it led to a long conversation about how she hoped she wasn’t friends with the Queen because she isn’t a very nice person.

  • Oh my word this is just too cute for words. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Paula B says:

    Will you be adding ideas for meeting other characters? I hope so!!

    • Krista says:

      I hope to!! Wouldn’t that be a great resource?? I am planning on printing them when I take my next trip…. this way all of the leg work is done. tee hee

  • Kathy P says:

    Very cute ideas and I loved reading all your stories about your meetings! Thanks for sharing….will share with my 7 yo DGD whom I am taking to WDW next year for her first trip!

  • What wonderfully fun ideas! I love his Flynnmingo. That is awesome! Thank you for sharing your great experiences and fabulous tips! 🙂

  • ashlie dennis says:

    when I met Pocahontas,she asked where we were from…when I told her Virginia she gasped and said she was very familiar with that place!!!I told her the settlers ships were still there.she asked if I had seen John Smith.I told her I hadn’ was one experience I’llnever forget.

  • Kathy Simkins says:

    I remember many years ago we traveled to Disneyland with our two young sons from Utah. It had been a very long day as we had traveled to some other function the day before and were already tired when we got to the park. Before we had been there for 2 hours I started with a migraine. My boys had a ride that they had to go on and I was in no shape to take them on it. Their father took them while I sat in the shade and sipped on a cold drink. I was feeling a bit better when I looked up to see Captain Hook and Mr. Smeed making funny faces at me. I was not in a great mood and their antics were getting on my nerves. A sizable group was gathering and the noise was making my head throb. So I was inspired to do one tiny thing… I remembered the croc that had eaten Hooks hand. So it started ticking like the clock that the croc had swallowed. You should have seen the characters react to that! They cleared out in a hurry! I had not noticed that my family had been standing there when I did that. My boys came running and could not contain their amazement that not only was their mother not afraid of Captain Hook but she had scared him away. They kept asking me what I had done to scare him off. I refused to tell them. About an hour later near the teacups we encountered Captain Hook. My boys ran to me to “save” them. I asked them what was Captain Hook afraid of in the storybook. The crocodile they said. How come I asked. It bit his hand off. And how does Captain Hook know that the crocodile is nearby? They thought and thought but could not remember. By that time Captain Hook was teasing their father. I asked them if the crocodile could tell time. That triggered their memories. They tiptoed up behind Captain Hook and started to tick like clocks. It was so funny watching him running away mumbling about that crocodile. My boys loved that the best of anything in the park that day. I will never forget that. If you remember parts of the stories that the characters were in you can have a blast. And my boys were never afraid of the dark or the boogie man after they had scared Captain Hook away. I will always keep that memory in my Disney memories!

    • Jacquelyn Augustine says:

      What a wonderful memory (sorry you weren’t feeling well at the time though)! We are a Disney family from the get go and you just made me smile with your Disney family story =D

    • We went to one of the Mickey’s Not So Scary events one year and my daughter was dressed as a pirate. Mr. Smee saw her and gasped and started tugging on Captain Hook’s arm. He turned and when he saw her he took her hand and bowed to her. It was so fun!

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  • Becky Adams says:

    When we saw Rapunzel last spring, my 3 year old daughter was very disturbed by Rapunzel’s shoes, because she does not wear shoes in her movie. When we got to talk to Rapunzel, my daughter asked why she had on shoes. She had a great answer, which my daughter remembers and shares with anyone who will listen!!

    • I loved my interaction with Rapunzel and Flynn. My boyfriend and I were the first to spot them when they came out for their meet and greet. We were at Epcot and I had just given my boyfriend a tiny little flower that he put in his pocket. When we greeted them they were so chatty complimenting him about the flower he wore on his lapel. Rapunzel compared it to all the flowers she had in her hair and Flynn really wanted a flower for his lapel. They were adorable and so much fun

  • When I met Rapunzel last year I had my Happy Birthday button on. She asked me about my birthday and how old I was. I had just turned 18, and when I told her, she was really excited. She made sure to let me know that “her 18th birthday was her best birthday ever!”

  • My brother was about 13 and wore a king’s crown. He proposed to Belle! She was so flattered, instead the the traditional “this is how a young prince poses” she was so casual and relaxed with all of us! It is still one of my favorites

    • Awwwww…. how sweet!! I would have LOVED to be standing behind you when this happened. What a treasured memory!

  • I had a great experience meeting Cruella from 101 Dalmatians. I was wearing a sweater from PINK by Victoria’s Secret which had the logo on it, which is a dog and she absolutely loved it and asked several times if she could buy it and make a coat out of it.

  • I love this post! When we went to DL last summer we went prepared with a list of questions for any possible characters we would meet and had a book to write them in and we always immediately stopped after a meet and greet and wrote down the interaction as quickly as we could so we wouldn’t forget. The most fun was Flynn Ryder (almost more fun than Rapunzel who we met at the same time). My daughter asked him if he and Max were getting along better these days and he said they were doing ok – but that it was strange to have a horse that acted like a dog. He asked my daughter if she had a horse who acted like a dog and she replied she didn’t, but she had a dog that acted like a horse!

    Being prepared for the characters helped tremendously, but I never thought about asking for certain poses or bringing a dinglehopper with me! I’m totally doing that next time!

    • What a fun fun interaction!! I’ve heard nothing but AWESOME things about meeting those two. I haven’t meet either one of those, so I HAVE to make a point of meeting them next time!

      • I just saw this on Pinterest. Last year I went to Disneyland for the first time. My MUST see was Rapunzel ; I did not know you could interact with the princesses more than “hello, would you sign my autograph book?” but asked for a certain pose anyway. I asked if her braid would move to her back (it was around her right shoulder) ; she said no, it gets dirty, people walk on it, etc. I pulled my braid to the front (it goes a little past my knees) and told her I wanted a picture with our braids. She and Flynn were both surprised and told me how to hold my braid like she does. It was so much fun! An unforgettable experience that not everyone could have.

  • Fabulous ideas, and yes my favourite moments are when we’ve had great interaction with the characters. Recently at Disney in Hong Kong we met Tinkerbell and she was fabulous, when I said we were from New Zealand, she asked if we were lost. We actually got to watch her interact with lots of people and she did different poses with different people, I could’ve just stayed and watched her all day.

    • Aren’t the Disney characters amazing? It’s like they are ALWAYS in character. So good!!

  • Maddee Holt says:

    These are such good ideas and funny stories! I went to disneyland with my baby cousins just recently! We ran into Donald Duck and just had to go chat with him! He was probably the funnest interaction I’ve had! He was in love with my baby cousin and kept giving her kisses! There was a long line behind us but yet he stayed and entertained us for about 10 minutes! He was dancing with my cousin when cruella walked up asking Donald if she could borrow his fur for a while! Me and my cousins dyed of laughter while watching cruella and Donald bicker!

  • We were at the Grand Floridian for the character breakfast and my best friend and I were wearing Big Bang Theory shirts. They had Sheldon’s photo and the word Bazinga! Alice and the Mad Hatter came by for meet and greet and asked what Bazinga! meant. We explained it to them and, after assuring them it is not a “naughty word,” for the next 10-15 minutes, Alice would run up behind the Mad Hatter and do something to tease him, then shout Bazinga! It was too fun!

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  • My 13 year old son proposed marriage to Queen Elsa with a ring pop. She graciously declined and told him that she had to set a good example for her sister and could not marry a man she had just met. It was so much fun!!

  • I was at Disney World earlier this past month (May 9th through 17th), and I made a point to get in as many character meet and greets as I could, and it was great! Just to name a few of the more memorable experiences: Tinkerbell asked me if I was a lost boy, made me promise to help protect pixie hollow from pirates, and did the groot dance from “Guardians of the galaxy with me! Mickey, and a few others indicated that they were team cap when I was wearing one of my marvel shirts. Dale said he’s “Team Dale”, and Pluto said he’s “Team Pluto”, so I tried setting up a “Disney civil war” lol. I danced with a few of the princesses, and finished each dance with a bow, which they all seemed to appreciate a lot! Chip and Dale stole my hat and tried it on for themselves, gotta say they rocked it lol. I told Joy and Sadness from “Inside Out” that I think Bing Bong’s magic rocket should be a ride, and Joy seemed to agree because she started miming what it would be like! I “proposed” to Cinderella’s step sister Anastasia lol. And of course I had to meet Donald Duck because he’s my favorite! I sang his theme song to him, and he loved it! The characters are awesome!

    • One more I forgot to mention, I called Chip “Alvin” like in “Alvin and the chipmunks” and he got pretty upset with me lol!

  • While at Disney World my 6 yr old was talking to the step mother and ugly sisters about her boyfriend for about 10 minutes, they were hilarious. I thought that was the best thing that could happen but boy was I wrong. That night I the evening parade one of the sisters spotted her in the crowd and shouted out her name and they bothered waving at her. Then at a character meal the next day the step mother also recognised her and was talking ho her.
    This was just one of many unbelievable interactions. All the characters we met were just incredable. We are going back in two weeks and I’m scared they won’t live up to the amazing memories we both have from that trip so it’s great to see so many positive responses.