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Seasonal Fonts – Autumn / Halloween

Choosing the right font for your layout should first be made by the function it plays in your layout, titling or journaling. Then think about the mood you are trying to convey. Are you going with a serious look, playful or a natural look? Type is emotional and can provide perception. It’s kind of like choosing an outfit to wear, you dress according to the occasion. Just as an outfit projects an image, so can a chosen font. Choose theme-related fonts for your title, that are meant for just a few words. Choose a simple and legible font for the journaling/story text, such as a typewriter or handwriting font.

So let’s take a look on some seasonal fonts, going with Autumn fonts, since it’s Autumn here in the States.  And we’ve chosen fonts that are all free downloads, because we all like free, right?  Just clip on the font name below and you’ll be directed to the free font for download.

First, are four fonts we felt would make great Halloween layout titles. Think creepy and ghoulish!  And next up, are four fonts we felt would make fun Autumn fonts… Layouts featuring the fun of playing in leaves and nature’s beauty.  And lastly are two fonts we felt would be perfect for journaling on those Halloween and Autumn layouts; clean, yet unique.

Autumn Font Title


1. Nightmare   2.Ghoulish Fright   3. Haven’t Slept in Days   4. Fiddums Family

5. Autumn   6. The Blue Cabin   7. Elephants in Cherry Trees   8. Falling Slowly
9. Throw my Hands Up in the Air   10. Pea Ashlee Renee

We hope our post inspired you and directed you to some fun new fonts that you may not already have in your font stash! Thanks for visiting us!