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First Day of School

Well it’s here… The first day of school in the Sahlin household. Gabe is in 3’rd grade; Sophie in 5th grade. They were both a little nervous today… you know, thinking of all of the homework that is coming. Mama was a little nervous today as well. How am I going to make it in the quiet house all on my own? When it’s quiet in the house, Sophie says it hurts her ears it is so quiet. Well today, it’s so quiet my ears hurt.

For moms with kids off to school, do you find it emotional?
OR are you just jumping up and down. LOL!!

Here is a quick snapshot this morning.
first day of school

Give your cuties extra hugs… time goes by SO fast.


  • Ahhhh… what a great back to school pic Krista! It looks like they are all smiles and ready for a fun filled school year!

  • What a lovely picture! They are adorable 🙂 I remember those days. Tell Sophie I know what she means. My kids are
    all grown up. I have one adult at home to help me out, but when he and Dad are gone I “hear” the quiet and it hurts my ears too! lol Good luck with the new school year. It will be Christmas before too long, and Sophie’s ears won’t be hurting for awhile. (((hugs)))

  • Noy et Rose says:

    You boy has your smile! I think… 🙂

  • Noy et Rose says:

    Sorry, I meant your boy…