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Inspirational Words – Slow Down and Focus

Inspirational Words / Quote: We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, and truly see the things that matter most.

We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant and truly see the things that matter most.” – Dieter F Uchtdorf I saw this quote today that made me really stop and reflect… These are words that we should live by and reflect often. SLOW DOWN, focus on what matters most. […]

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Inspirational Words – Courage

Inspirational Words / Quote: Courage is the resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. Mark Twain

~ Thoughts about Courage and Fear ~ Everything you’ve EVER wanted is on the other side of fear. Now that my daughter Sophie is almost to her teen years, the emotional climate is changing a bit. There are some situations in which she struggles with confidence, whether it be about herself, her appearance, her school […]

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Inspirational Words | You Should Do It

Inspirational Words: You Know All Those Things You've Always Wanted to Do? You Should Do Them.

On Mondays the stress of the upcoming week sometimes gets to me. I have so much I want to do…. yes work, but mostly what ELSE I’d like to do: scrapbooking a layout, reading a book, playing a game with the kids. It just seems like I never have time for these things. BUT…

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Inspirational Words | Do What is Right

Have you ever been faced with a difficult decision? Sometimes choices in life are not always black and white. Our human nature automatically tends to take the easy path. It is an act of self-preservation at times. To simplify it, we should ask ourselves one question…

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Inspirational Words | Looking for the Good in Every Day

During this busy time of year the stress of everything going on can sometimes be overwhelming. If you find yourself in this place, take a break and reflect on the good that you can find in your day. It will always be there, sometimes we just need to search for it.

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Inspirational Words | Seasons of Pressure

Beautiful things come as a result of pressure. Are you under a lot of pressure right now? Maybe even tempted to give up and throw in the towel? Be patient, for out of it will come something beautiful.

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Inspirational Words | On Being Lucky

on being lucky

Nobody says it better than Winnie the Pooh: “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.” So, next time you have to say goodbye… remember how lucky you are that you have someone to say goodbye to!

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Inspirational Words | On Being Awesome

inspirational words - awesome

Happiness is a Choice. So today… let’s stop being sad, and start being AWESOME!

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Inspirational Words | Life is like photography…

life is like photography

While it is never easy to go through… the difficult moments in our lives can be used to shape our character. And, like those old 35mm negatives, in order to produce a beautiful and colorful photo – they had to be developed in the dark. It is often the darkest times in our lives, that […]

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