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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow | preserving our family history


As memory keepers we strive to document and share our family stories. Whether you are looking to create an ancestry album or food for thought for today’s albums, you may find the principles of heritage scrapbooking just the ticket for you.

Heritage scrapbooking is the on-going process of gathering and organizing historical family material such as documents, keepsakes, photographs and stories to be placed into a scrapbook.

Heritage Scrapbooking

Heritage scrapbooking is not only about a certain style or time period but also a frame of mind. With just as much focus on the stories as photographs, heritage scrapbooking encourages connections between family members both past and present, preserves documents, keepsakes, photographs and stories, and highlights family history, traditions and values.

The everyday passes so quickly making today’s moments yesterday memories in a flash. Using heritage scrapbooking principles in today’s albums you can leave clues for future generations to see what our lives were like. Whether you are making a traditional/digital scrapbook or maybe taking on a Project Life/365 album there are many ways to incorporate these principles in our daily thinking as we create our scrapbooks. By building our scrapbooks in this creative fashion, we not only have something wonderful to share with family and friends, but a record of our family to keep and pass down to the future generations.

So join us as we discover the truth about heritage scrapbooking not only for yesterday’s memories, but for today’s and tomorrow’s as well. In the coming months we will be discussing the process of building our scrapbooks including our next article on gathering documents, keepsakes, photographs and stories.