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What is your biggest problem when it comes to digital scrapbooking?

Survey Time

I thought it would be fun to learn a bit more about your scrapbooking problems.
Is it Time, Money, Having Inspiration or NOT Knowing “How To Do” Something?
“What is your biggest problem when it comes to digital scrapbooking?”
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  • Right now it’s not having the money to do anything (learn, buy kits, etc) the other big thing is not knowing how to do something. It’s frustrating to try and do a page the way you see it in your mind and not know how to go about doing everything. I know how to do something in each program I own but not how to do something completely in one!!

  • Mine is staying organized. When i did traditional books I would print pictures to scrap and then the pages would get done, but now digitally I struggle to remember what has been scrapped and what still needs to be done.

  • My biggest problem is organization.Unfortunately I didn’t start organizing my digi stuff from the start and now it’s chaos.I have so many items around 1TB and I tried organizing with ACDSEE but it’s too time consuming.When I want to scrap a page I can’t find the elements I’m looking for or the right paper and it’s takes too much time digging up the elements.I like scrapping with different kits so that makes everything much harder.I guess I have the answer.I should organize with ACDSEE my favorite elements for now and slowly continue organizing.

    • Vicky – I use Picasa, and find that most designers label their products pretty well, so if I put in ‘papers’, then I can see most of my papers without having to search to hard. Likewise, seach for ‘ribbon’ and most of them come up.

  • Organization I guess would be first thing….tons of kits and can’t remember what is where somedays. 2nd- wanting to do something and not being able to get it from my mind into digital form. 3rd- running out of space on my computer, quickly as I keep finding so many new designers.

  • Mine is printing, I quite often make pages but I don’t get them printed. I prefer to have a real page in my hand at the end of the process, otherwise I feel like the process isn’t complete, but I am very bad at that final step.

  • 1: As a newbie fan/addict to your stuff: not having the money to buy your kits (If you got free CT spots, I’ll be first in line to apply!)
    2: journaling. I always feel my life is not interesting for people to read about because A: I am single, B: I don’t have kids, C: I don’t have a job and D: I don’t have many friends, the majority of my friends live in my computer. So I wouldn’t know what to write about.
    3: No pictures to scrap. As much as I love my cat, I wish I had other pics to scrap sometimes. I hate my own pics because I’m not confident enough of myself. I did a professional shoot in 2007 but due to health issues (mostly) I don’t look like that at all anymore.

  • Becky Richardson says:

    I am new to this and at this point in my life I am unemployed and money is an issue. Is there a free software out there I could use? I can’t afford photoshop.

  • Becky Richardson says:

    Is there a free software to use in digital scrapbooking?

  • I was going to say “organization” because I feel like I can’t find what I want when I want it…

    But I think the bigger problem is that I paralyze myself by comparing my layouts to the amazing layouts I see done by C-T members! I feel my style is much more simple than the inspiration I see in galleries or from CTs when a designer releases a kit. I understand that their job is more to display what the designer has created… but I guess I let myself get intimidated that my layouts will never look so “perfect!” :}

    • Don’t compare yourself to others. I think it paralyzes a lot of scrappers thinking they are not as “good”. We all have different styles, some more simple, some that could never be considered simple but we all work and evolve to get the styles we have. What matters are the photos and the stories, everything else is just “pretties”. No one is going to look at your layouts and mentally compare them to anything, they are just going to be excited to see the photos and read the stories!

  • Linda Record says:

    * Time… I’m finding it very difficult to manage my time so I have enough of it to spend on scrapping.
    * Deciding how I want to approach a heritage album is killing me right now. Can’t decide between a theme that uses only two or three complementary kits or a wildly different page for each set of pics.
    * Deciding where to start is amazingly difficult, too. A year or so ago my hubby spent half a winter digitizing about 7,000 family photos. Now that I’ve started digital scrapping, I’m feeling a big obligation to turn his efforts into a cohesive, beautiful project worthy of passing on to our children and grandchildren. Do I start from now and work backward or from the beginning and work forward or choose a series of events or … well, you get the idea. …deep sigh…

  • Time is definitely my biggest challenge. I work full time and have 3 kids (high school thru elementary), often only have an hour or two at night to work on scrapbooking. I love it and I think it is so important, I just wish I could have a better plan so that I could hit the ground running when I get those free evening hours. I am often working on several different time periods (my childhood, somewhat current, my recently digitized late 1990’s pics, oh and this years vacation-1600 pics!). I want to do them all justice but I am often overwhelmed by the shortage of time and amount of material I have to scrap. I think I need to just accept that I will never be caught up and just do the best I can with each layout.

  • Organization. I’ve begun tagging my kits in PSE but that is soooo time consuming. I do a little now and then while watching TV. When I paper scrap, I get my photos, papers and elements together and put them all in a plastic sleeve so they are all together when I’m ready to scrap. With digi, I use up so much of my time hunting for the right papers or elements. I’ve created a file called FOR SPECIFIC LOs and when I come across a kit that would look good with some photos I have in mind, I put a preview of the kit in that file along with one or all the photos. That is my virtual ‘plastic sleeve’. Still, it seems I spend WAY too much time organizing and not enough time scrapping.

  • Mine would be getting my layouts printed and put into albums…….. or making a book to get printed!

  • ss-blogteam says:

    Printing is one of my problems too! A post on layout printing options might be a great resource for scrappers!

  • I learn so much from you. Your tutorial are easy, helpful and so useful. There just seems to be so many tips and tricks that I would like to learn, but since I don’t know them, I don’t even know what to ask.

  • Not having the opportunity to scrap when inspiration hits and then when I do get a chance feeling the time pressure (mostly after 10pm – which isn’t conducive to good mothering or paid work performance the next day) limits my creativity, Also as someone else said, so many projects and so little time!

  • Monica Powell says:

    My biggest problem is not having any pictures. I love all of the elements, templates, embellishments and I won’t even tell you how many papers I have collected. But alas, nothing much in my life worth scrapping. Until something changes I guess I will keep feeding my addiction for digi scrap stuff.

  • Time! I recently started a graduate program and my scrapbooking time has become non-existent. Sad 🙁

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