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My Journey: Clean Living + Toxic-Free Home

I decided I was going to share what our family was doing with clean living and how it has forever changed our lives!  How did it start?  My husband and I were were surfing Netflix one night and came upon a few documentaries: ‘The Human Experience” and “Eat”.  (Normally we don’t watch documentaries, but there are a couple I kept hearing about, so I thought, “why not”)  Whoa!!  Life changing.  I could not believe what we are really ingesting into our bodies; both by our food, and what our skin is ingesting.

If you’ve never taken a look at what is in your home, I recommend you to take a look at the EWG Skin DeepEWG Cleansers, or the Think Dirty app.   VERY eye opening!  It’s hard to realize the things we find in our grocery stores or on the Target shelves are not safe for us.

Clean Living and a Toxic Free Home | Sahlin Essentials

It was after this I decided it was time for my family to make a change. We started making a transition to a toxic and chemical free home by switching out one product at a time. Getting the harmful ingredients out of our home and replacing them with natural products that come straight from the plants that God created. It’s a journey that I’m so glad that I decided to venture into and one that I will never turn back on. I’m healthier and more energetic than I’ve ever been before in my life and that is something that I could never put a price tag on.   I started the “Sahlin Essentials” website as a place to communicate about our journey to clean living and how we are creating a safe home and environment for our family. As I began my research into Clean Living and a Toxic Free Home, I was introduced to a few different companies and I’ve come to know and love. I researched most of the company’s goals and products and it’s good to know that there are companies out there looking out for us.

Young Living Farms(Young Living Lavender Farm)

I was introduced to Young Living’s Essential Oils by a fellow blogger and couldn’t wait to try many of their safe, non-toxic cleaners, as well other personal products like toothpaste, mouthwash, skin care, vitamins, etc…   But I was also intrigued by these “essential oils”.  Although I must admit, I was super hesitant at first…”would this investment be worth it?”, “do they really work?”, “will I have the support I need to learn how to use them?”  These are just a few of the questions that I had before I decided to take the “oily leap”. I’m happy to tell you now that the answer to each of them has been overwhelmingly YES! Our family took that oily leap and have never looked back. Originally, I had NO intention of sharing about the oils, it was just for me and my family to use (and the discount is pretty great).  But as soon as I got my kit and starting to incorporating them into my daily life, I fell in LOVE!!   My own personal experiences with them STILL blows my mind, and I honestly can’t imagine a day without them now. You can use them for almost anything! I use them for beauty products, cleaning products, and to help support my mood. And, on a positive note, since we began using essential oils, we have used ZERO over the counter medications.

Young Living Thieves Cleaner | Sahlin Essentials

Young Living ER Order | Sahlin Essentials

(My latest Essential Rewards order, filled with 5 FREE Products from Young Living.  I love free gifts!)

Are you a little overwhelmed by all of the “bad stuff” out there – not to mention all of the many options? Don’t throw in the towel! Join me as we talk how to quickly, affordably, and enjoyably “green-ify” our home and transition to a more safe, non-toxic lifestyle. To find out more about clean living or essential oils, send me an email at OR find out more details on my essential oils website here. Young Living Essential Oils – Independent Member / Sponsor#: 3039420

The Honest Company

Another company I’ve come to love is The Honest Company.   << (Use this link to sign up to get $10 OFF your first order)   They have three BUNDLE Options – #1 Essentials  #2 Diapers/Wipes  #3 Health and Wellness.  The Health and Wellness Bundle includes vitamins and other immunity boosting products. The Diapers and Wipes bundle is pretty self explanatory.  And lastly, the Essentials bundle, this was definitely what I needed, and the thought of getting to pick and choose what went into the bundle sounded a-maaaa-zing!!   How does it work? You pick five things to go into the bundle (for $35), and you have an option to pick three extra things with an additional 25% off.   Over the last year I’ve tried a number of Honest products: dish soap, a scrub brush, dishwashing pods, toilet bowl cleaner, face and body lotion, shampoo/body wash, and conditioner, baby cream, bubble bath, etc.   Some have worked, some I’ve switched over to Young Living products, but all and all, I’ve been very happy with the Honest Company.

The Honest Company

The Honest Beauty Company

The Honest Company just started a beauty and make-up line called, Honest Beauty.  << (Use this link to sign up to get $10 OFF) I was so excited to see the company expand into beauty products, because I knew I wanted clean up my make up routine as well.  Did You Know: “Women who use make-up on a daily basis can absorb almost 5 pounds of chemicals into their bodies each year.  Some of the compounds present in make-up have been linked to side effects ranging from skin irritation to cancer. One class of cosmetic chemicals which could be dangerous are parabens. Traces of parabens have been found in breast tumor samples.”  How does it work? The Beauty Bundle is where you pick three things to go into the bundle (for $50), and you have an option to pick five extra things with an additional 25% off.    Honest Beauty Bundles are set at $50 per month for 3 products of your choice – add on up to five items at a 25% savings! Plus you can pick up a free trial (pay $5.95 shipping)! The Honest Beauty Company



What about you? Is Clean Living something you have been considering for awhile? I’d love to hear about your journey… and I look forward to sharing more about our journey in the upcoming months.



  • Good for you and your family. I am a scrapbooker (paper and digi), photography enthusiast and a health and wellness geek. I started my H&W quest about 5 years ago after I had surgery for Polycystic Ovarian Disease. At that time I felt the crappiest I have ever felt in my life. Sometimes when I am browsing around the web reading about how our surroundings affect our health, I feel like living in a bubble. Not possible. Yes it is important to get rid or diminish out toxins in our environment but it is also important to feed our body nutritious meals so it can withstand the daily toxins we are exposed to. I am going to be 50 in a few weeks and I feel the best I ever felt. Good luck on your journey.

    • Good for you!! I know how I feel on my journey, so I can imagine for you feel too!! My newest passion is clean living, and I love educating my family on it too. My kids have a whole level of education now. HAHA!!

  • Thanks so much for this post! It was a link from another post that I couldn’t resist since I too am the crazy health nut in my family. Posts like this are really helpful to get the idea out there as much as possible. When companies see the demand for more healthy products, hopefully they will supply us with more options. Luckily my family and I have been pretty “clean” but even I found some new info and products. Thanks again. I wanted to add (I am not a rep for this company) that you might want to look into Norwex cleaning products as well. They really work as well as “they” say. My friend found the products after her recovery from cervical cancer and she is my inspiration and rep for Young Living and Norwex. 🙂

    • Well said!! I would love for companies to take human health and “life” into consideration with the creation of their products. It should be a given that the things we can buy are safe. But sadly it just isn’t the case at this time. I’m glad you like the article!! I am for certain going to be checking into Norwex!!

  • I am in a great position, I am closing on a 1900 home this week, and moving into it,I am going to do every thing possible to be toxin free- including electronic toxins. No internet, no harsh chemicals, and no compromise. Super excited, and super scared. Life changes, if they were easy, they wouldn’t be worth changing.