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Inspirational Words | On Forgiveness


It is one of those hard lessons of life, and one that we have to continually re-learn. It is rarely easy to forgive after we have been wronged by someone. Particularly if that someone never even asked for your forgiveness. But truly, this inspirational quote gets right down to the truth of the matter. This is a good reminder to help you find happiness as well,

If you find yourself in the prison of bitterness, perhaps forgiveness is the key to freedom.


  • Michele says:

    So very true, Krista. I found this out firsthand. After 6 years of separation and divorce and unforgiveness…my husband and I re-married! I was the prisoner of unforgiveness and it is so wonderful to be set free! Thanks for the reminder to us all!

  • Breeoxd says:

    Aww, love u Hun!