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Advertisement Inspiration #1 + Template Freebie

Inspiration… there are so many forms out there for us scrappers to use. Today I wanted to touch on inspiration that you can draw from multiple forms of ads. Have you ever come across an advertisement in a magazine that just immediately made you think, “I must scrap that?” Maybe it was something within the ad, like the ad title or a shape. Or it could have been the entire composition of the ad or maybe the color palette. Let’s just say, ads have so much to offer us scrappers. So, the next time you are paging through a magazine at the doctor’s office or surfing the web, pay attention to how you may use advertisements as a scrapbooker.

Ad Inspiration

August 2012 - Ad Inspiration #1
Take this ad for example, I came across this online; the composition is what caught my eye. I liked the big photo in the upper right hand corner, which is complemented with a smaller one its lower right corner. You could take this in so many different directions. Perhaps the lower right box could be used for another photo, a journaling card, or even a bigger embellishment. Below that is the ad title. It pulls you right in to the center of the page, which was very appealing and complementary to the photo placement. Finally, below that in the lower left corner is another spot for a photo, a journal card, or embellishment. Ohhhhh… the possibilities for more journaling areas!

After drooling over so many things about this ad, we put our creativity to work.
Take a look at some great examples:HarvestKate

By Beccabecca


ad inspiration template challengeKrista

Inspiration Scrapbook Layout by LaurieLor

An amazing two-pager by Courtney:
Courtney - Two Pager
close upsCourtney - Page 1 Courtney - Page 2

Hopefully this inspires YOU to create a layout based on the ad.
AND… to give you a jump-start, I created a template inspired from this ad just for you.



ad inspiration - template 1 by sahlin studio

Enjoy!! AND Happy Scrapping!