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What I’ve Been Up To – Coach Sahlin

Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for one main sport… basketball. Growing up, I was lucky to have had an older brother who loved playing with me out in the driveway. Boy, I can’t even remember how many games of “PIG” and “HORSE” we played. I also played for my grade school, my high school and a bit in college as well. It is a passion that I can never express in words. Those of you who have played in a highly competitive, high contact sport know what I’m talking about. I’m sure my husband is tired of hearing me reminisce about my golden years. HAHA!!

But the one thing I’ve been waiting for, is to enjoy this awesome game with my kids. I couldn’t WAIT for my kids to start playing basketball!! Watching them was going to be even more exciting.

And now it’s here. My baby girl, Sophia, is on her first basketball team. I can only hope she comes to love this game as much as I had. AND….. what I’ve been up to is COACHING. Yup, I am a proud new coach of her team. Coach Sahlin. Still sounds a little weird to me. But she and I have been having SO much fun.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me rambling. I’m just so excited I had to share with you all.

1-2-3- GO RAMS!!


  • So cool and congrats on the coaching position! What a great opportunity, and to be able to coach your daughter’s team!!! Luv the pics!

  • Yay!!! Go Coach Sahlin and Sophia!!

  • this is great you look so pretty and earnest while coaching; I love it!

  • Congrats on coaching! I LOVE basketball too and so far all of my girls have played!

  • This is so cool. I to love basketball and this year is the first year my oldest two have had to experience it. I jumped in and started taking sessions at the school so that “all” the kids who are interested get to give it a go. Hoping to build up Basketball in our school. I have 4 kids there and the first one will be able to be in a team next year so hope to help make a difference and introduce kids to this AWESOME sport. Way to go. LOVE the photo of you crouched down having a team talk.

    • How exciting!! It’s great to have the kids in sports… and way to go mom to try and make that happen for the school. Much luck to you sweetie!!

  • I know how much passion a sport can bring, even by only being able to watch it. I am a massive Irish rugby fan (the Irish team and Provinces Leinster & Munster) and the All Blacks (New Zealand). That sport is my passion, I love the atmosphere in the stadiums in Dublin or Limerick when I get a chance to be at a game, I love the friends I made on Facebook because of it, I love how you can put supporters of 2 teams into 1 stand and all you have together is great fun! No fighting involved, only a little bit ON the pitch maybe but hey, it’s rugby we’re talking about 😉 I can’t wait to go to Ireland and see a game again in a proper stadium instead of on my laptop screen or tv.

  • PS: GO COACH SAHLIN! 🙂 xxx