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NEW | Photo Block Template

Looking for a way to showcase multiple photos? Try this template.
You can have either a clean lined page OR layer and cluster up your page.
Works great either way!

photo block template by sahlin studio

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What about some inspiration for you??
Check out many ways to help you scrap a few of your memories.
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becca1976 - inspirational scrapbook layoutbecca1976

talktoheather - inspirational scrapbook layout misserin - inspirational scrapbook layout talktoheather misserin

norton94 - inspirational scrapbook layoutnorton94

amberr - inspirational scrapbook layoutamberr

mrsski07 - inspirational scrapbook layoutmrsski07

alamama - inspirational scrapbook layoutalamama

britt - inspirational scrapbook layoutbritt


  • really love all the layouts but the one in particular is Mrsski07! It just catches my eye.

  • Love it, just bought it!

  • I purchased this but while working with it can’t seem to exchange the LOVE layer with a different element? Any tips? I see it has been done in some of the sample layouts.

    • Hi Cheri, Yes, the “Love” layer can be replaced with other elements. I’m not sure what program you have, but if you are using Photoshop, just feel free to turn the little “eye” off on that layer or delete it off your page.