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Life Around Here | April ’14

Here are a few details about “life around here”. Documenting all the details of the RIGHT NOW… from what I’m watching, listening, eating, celebrating, etc. What have all of you been up to this month? Be sure to jot your details down from the month.

(Sahlin’s – Easter 2014)


ON MY DESK | Every kind of photo paper under the sun. I’ve been printing like CRAZY the past couple days. (Working on my Project Life & Project Mouse albums). So imagine 8×11, 4×6 Photo Paper; to 4×6 Matte Photo Paper; to 8×11 Presentation Paper all around my printer.

ON MY CALENDAR | May 2nd – my cousin Ryan’s wedding

READING | I am so impressed that I’ve read quite a few books this month. (Mainly to ‘proof’ books my daughter wants to read (she is a book-a-holic)). First, the book series “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book!! It had me captivated through the WHOLE book, and it only took a few hours on a Saturday to finish it. (Much to the delight of my 12 year old daughter who wanted to go see the movie.) The second and third books of this series had me pretty disappointed though.

I’m currently reading the book, “Austenland” by Shannon Hale. I’ve read this book before, but since my 12 year old wants to read it, I thought I better give it a read it again to make sure its appropriate. It’s a fun story about a girl that wants to live (BE) like the Jane in Pride & Prejudice.

WATCHING | Movie: “Heaven is For Real” at the theater. We read the book as a family last month, and all were really excited to see the film. But, while we were entertained with the movie, I personally thought it missed the mark. The book was SO powerful… so I was disappointed (to say the least) with the movie. The little boy in the film was sooooo adorable though. I wanted to reach through and squeeze those cheeks.

LISTENING | to La Dee Dee by Cody Simpson. Seriously. You must go listen to this song right now!! It is one of those songs that I crank up and grab the kids and dance!! You WILL want to jump around.

EATING | Salads!! I’ve been doing Mason Jar Salads forever, but back into it this month. I’ve been switching it up with homemade vinaigrettes. LOVE salads!!

IN THE DVD PLAYER | Bilbo Baggins talking to a Dragon, in: Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug

SOPHIA | went on a solo trip (with her gramma and cousin Lucy) to see my grandma (her great-grandmother). Yup, for her 12’th birthday gramma took her with to go see GG (great-grandma). I was so pleased to hear feedback about what a beautiful young lady she is (both inside and out). She charmed everyone she met including members of their church congregation. One neat thing about their trip is that they were able to hear my grandpa preach (he is a WELS minister). They also sang together during the service, “Be Still Me Soul”. Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Click on “Special Guests Pastor & Evelyns Great-Grandaughters” mp3.

GABE | is learning some new card games. After watching Aaron and I play Euchre (a card game) at a friends house last month… he was adamant that he wanted to learn how to play. So I taught both Sophie and Gabe how to play and now we find ourselves playing most nights!! Funny Story: We were playing cards one night, and he all of a sudden started busting a move. If you want a laugh, check it out here.

HOME PROJECT | Our kitchen island had an overhaul this month. My hubbie has been itchin’ to get to work on a woodworking project. So I set him to work on this (usually the items on my honey-do list are not met with such anticipation). Here’s the before and after photos.

FEELING | energized from the sun (that is slowly starting to peek out). We had an unREAL Easter Day (that was 70degrees), and most of us poor Minnesotans got burned on our first day outside. Must learn to wear sunscreen the first day out in the sun.

LOVING | my new iPhone5S.

WORKING ON | Project Mouse (At Sea) Edition. Britt, of Britt-ish Designs, has been on maternity leave since early January. So I’ve missed working with her (like crazy). She is one of those people in which we just gel together and have a LOAD of fun working on the BEST design topic ever…. DISNEY!! So welcome back Britt!! Can’t wait to create many more Project Mouse goodies with you.


  • Brittney says:

    Did you know Austenland is like one of my all time favorite books? It’s total chick-lit, but I don’t care. It’s like popping in your favorite chick flick, only in book form. Did you ever see the movie they made out of it? STUPID!!!! Don’t even bother. It’s so so dumb. I was soooo disappointed.

    • That is so funny! (And pssst… we all love a good chick-lit book, anyone who says they don’t is lying!! HAHA!!) That’s disappointing to hear about the movie though, I was hoping it would be better than it looked. From the preview I couldn’t believe some of those casting choices. Those are NOT the people I imagine in my head as those characters.