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Journal Starter | Most Treasured Moment of 2012

written by mary w. (plumdumpling)
Well, the 2012 calendars have been tossed in the recycling bins. Another year, done.
Yet it has me thinking about one thing… perhaps it was becuase of all of the scrapbooking stats for 2012 floating around OR perhaps it was this month’s Featured Kit Treasured Moments that got me thinking… but I found myself reflecting on one of my sweetest and most treasured of all memories of this past year.

My Most Treasured Moment of 2012

The most treasured moment of this past year for me was…
the moment when I found out that I would be having a little girl.

I remember SO much packed into that moment! Hopes, dreams, fears, anticipation, so much more. So many feelings that just burst from me in tears. Happy tears! Nervous tears! Excited tears! I didn’t nearly feel as much trepidation with either of my two boys as I did when I found out that Kara would be part of our family.

That one moment that changed my world forever. And I’ll treasure it always.

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Journal Starter

What about you?? What was some of your most treasured memories this last year?
Did you welcome a new baby into the family? Did you have an afternoon out on a perfect, sunny, summer day? Did you travel somewhere amazing this year? Did you attend a sporting event? Did you graduate from school?

Use this prompt: “My Most Treasure Moment of 2012” to help capture this moment.

Let us know what your most treasured moment was!


  • Congratulations!

    I love this for a journal prompt. It’s got me thinking about all the treasured moments of 2012. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • My most treasured moment of 2012 was definitely spending Mother’s Day weekend at the Children’s Hospital with my 9 year old son. He had been in pain off and on for 6 months and the doctors had a hard time figuring out what was causing it. When they did figure it out we ended up with emergency surgery for acute appendicitis. What a great Mother’s Day present I got, knowing my child would not be in pain anymore after surgery. I was so thankful it all went well and he bounced back really quick.

    • How scary was this? I bet this is certainly memorable… and what a perfect mother’s day gift knowning your child would be well again. Thanks for sharing!!

  • My most treasured moment of 2012 was spending my Mom’s 80th birthday with her and my two siblings, at her favorite restaurant on a gorgeous day in June, watching clear sparkling water flow over a small waterfall while eating a fabulous meal together. I am so thankful that my Mom has lived to see 80 and is still in very good health!

    • OH WOW!! That does sound special. I’m so glad that you were inspire to think about this!! Be sure to capture this moment!

  • Oh mine has to be meeting and falling in love last year with the man of my dreams we actually meet online and a month later arranged to meet up for the first time. We knew we had something special right away and meeting just confirmed this, 9 months on and we are looking at moving in together the only hard side is he lives 185 miles away this means sorting out my home here and bring my Mum down to be close to us too. Without Skype and texting we never would have made this all work but it does and I am so grateful to have found my soul mate at long last.

    • What a beautiful story!! Like your own little fairytale. Congrats to you both for finding each other. What a sweet 2012!

  • I finally finished my layout using your beautiful “Treasured Moments” kit, you can see it [url=]here.[/url] I love your designs!

  • I got my layout done using your Treasured Moments kit, and have uploaded it to your gallery as well as mine and the January scraplift gallery. Here is the URL:

  • My most treasure moment of 2012 was getting married….to my bestfriend. I met my husband back in college in 2003. We became bestfriends immediately after we got to know each other and never in our minds did we ever considered on dating each other. We kept our relationship the same way until in the year 2010 when he proposed to me…and I said yes. It was a huge surprised to ourselves knowing how much we actually care for each other and realizing just then that we were probably already fell in love at the first time we’ve met. March 10th, 2012 was the happiest day of our lives.