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Workspace Wednesday

How Do You Instagram?

Sahlin Studio - sahlink - Instagram

One social media site I’ve really been enjoying lately is… Instagram. I know, I know, it’s been around for YEARS (I even signed up years ago)… but, I never really got into it until recently. So what is it that makes me absolutely LOVE it!! I love it even more than reading Facebook or blogs. […]

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Workspace Wednesday | Finger Painting

Workspace Wednesday - behind the scenes

I have oodles of ephemera and items that I’m working on, photographing, scanning, sifting through… some of you may be interested in the process of what some items look like before they become “digital” items to use inside scrapbooking kits. So, I thought it would be fun to share a glimpse into my creative space each Wednesday.

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Life Around Here | March Edition

Workspace Wednesday - Sahlin Studio

I love seeing all of the weekly Project Life pages… it gives a little insight into the everyday lives of others all around us. So I thought why not document & store mine? So here we go, I’m documenting the details of RIGHT NOW, from what I’m watching, listening, eating, celebrating, etc… and random details about “life around here”.

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