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Advertisement Inspiration #6 and Template Freebie

Let’s the new year off with some some fresh inspiration. Let’s take a look at an advertisement, and see how it inspires you!   Have fun with it; use the entire ad to inspire your layout or take something from it that appeals to you.

Ad Inspiration

Ad Inspitation

Try using this to create a page. What different things inspire you? Is it the perfect spot for your title on the top of the page?  Is it the placement of the photos? Or maybe want to give page a flip…  Use this to inspire creativity in your layout. I’d love to see what you do, so be sure to comment below.


From Inspiration to Layout

Take a look at how my creative Team member, Laurie, was inspired for this layout.  She was inspired to go with ann over-all composition and used the blocking for her photos.  She placed her title on the very top, with a few sub-titles in her cluster below the title.  And dressed up her journaling by creating a journal mat.

Need a little Help? Try this FREE Template

Here is a template, recreated from this ad inspiration.
Use this to either mimic the clean blocked feel, or change it up to reflect your scrappi-ness.
ad inspiration template 6 by sahlin studio

*** INCLUDES templates with PSD, TIFF, PNG, & .page formated files.
After you download, perhaps delete the other files that you will not be using to save on file space.