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Who’s got a few photos?!?

It was so nice to have that three day weekend and get away for a long weekend. And it was even nicer that it made this week a little shorter! Funny how that works, eh? This week has been a busy and emotional one. My little baby ‘graduated’ from preschool. He had a little concert were his class sang some songs, then each child got to tell there aspiration using a microphone. (a very big deal for a 4 year old) I now know that he wants to be a fireman when he grows up. I’m just so proud!!

I have a pack of templates for you this week. Hopefully these will help you out for those events where you have LOTS of photos. It usually happens that those are the pictures that I DREAD scrapping the most. You know, holidays pics or an event were you have dozens of photos and its always so hard to pick and chose which photos to use and which to leave out. Well, I just go crazy if I have to leave a good photo out. So when I do have tons of pictures to use, I do layouts that cram TONS of photos in, yet still have that timeless/classic look. These templates are inspired by layouts I’ve done that people have requested…and here they are.

I think it is SO fun to mix black and white photos in with colored photos, or crop some of your picture to help tell the story (maybe a face or clothing or landscape) So know matter what template or layout you are doing…feel free to mix it up a little!! Hope you like them!

Lots O’ Photos Blocked Templates by Sahlin Studio:

Examples of my layouts:

Now for some more inspiration:
I was amazed how different everyone could make these, they are fantastic!!

That’s all folks!!! Happy scrapping!
Have a great weekend!

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