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Sophie’s Rainbow 1-1- Birthday Party!

It is my baby girl’s 11’th Birthday today! Happy Birthday Sweetie!! Every time we celebrate another birthday, I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by. I still remember holding my 10lb8oz baby girl in my arms not so long ago.
For her birthday party this year, I really wanted to enjoy her fun, sweet nature… so we did a fun “tween” birthday party / sleepover with some colorful things! The girls had a candy buffet, where I filled containers with candy that was all the colors of the rainbow. They LOVED it ( I know so because I saw the evidence of the empty candy bins in the morning.) HAHA!! For activities, I gave them each manicures (which were rainbow confetti manicures), they turned out SO fun. Then the BEST part… the RAINBOW wall of balloons!! The girls got dressed up, had their make-up done and had a fun photo shoot in front of a rainbow balloons. They has SO much fun being themselves and being silly. I got some funny videos of them too. It was a blast!!
I highly recommend doing something like this if you have a “tween” or “teen”.

Happy 11’th Birthday Sophie!

Here are some outtakes from the photoshoot.


Pure fun.


  • she is just ridiculously pretty. I can’t even take it.

  • ink and pixels says:

    Brilliant! I love all your fun details and activities. What a fabulous party. The idea for the balloon wall and photo shoot is pure genus! Most times no one wants there photo taken so to come up with an activity like this to make it fun and capture all those memories.. Genius I tell you! The photos are gorgeous! I bet all the moms will want copies.

  • O.M.G.!!!!!! This is so stinkin cute~I can’t stand it…thanks for making my birthday parties for my own children look LAME in comparison!! Sophie is so funny~love her personality in these photos~way to go ‘camera mom’!!! Bring the balloons to my house so I can copy you exactly, K?

  • LOVE this! What a fun party and the photos are incredible! Happy Birthday Sophie!

  • Totally awesome! Love!

  • omg! I love this idea! the photo shoot idea is great!

  • Brittney Leavitt says:

    This is so fun and you are the cutest mom to get this all together!!! I don’t know how you do it all. Scarlett’s party was weeks ago and I haven’t even edited the photos yet!

    • I can’t WAIT to see your photos, either on your blog or in layouts when you make them. I KNOW her party turned out amazing… just from seeing a few of the things you have planned they looked AWESOME. PLUS, I have to admit, Sophie and her friends were bugging me to put the photos up. They wanted to feel a little “famous” or something. HAHA!! So I had a little extra push.

  • Oh wow! love all those balloons and that is a super gorgeous shot of your baby girl!