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NEW | Black Rimmed Plastic Alpha

You may have wondered where a designer gets their inspiration for great scrapbook design. The answer is… everywhere! I can be out with the family when I stop dead in my tracks to check out a sign in a shop window. It could’ve been the neat color combination or a pattern or fontography that inspired me… all of the little things around you can inspire. Then of course, I relish in embarrassing my kids by grabbing out my phone and snapping pictures like a fanatic “of a sign in a window” (ahem… this does happen often). LOL! Hazards of the job.

Today I found my inspiration from a strange place as well, and the reward was a cute, versatile new alpha. Every so often my kids come home from school with their arms choked FULL of those stretchy plastic silly bands. You know what I’ve talking about yes? I don’t exactly know how this cool factor happened upon these plastic little bands… but it served as great inspiration for me. Take the characteristics of this, and create alpha!! Of course, I stylized it up a bit by giving it a classic look. This versatile and classic designed acrylic alphabet is one you will reach for again and again.

black rimmed plastic alpha by sahlin studio
black rimmed plastic alpha by sahlin studio

There is a white version of these already in my shop:
softly rimmed plastic alpha by sahlin studio

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digital scrapbook layout inspiration
digital scrapbook inspiration
digital scrapbook inspiration

brenda smith
digital scrapbook inspiration

digital scrapbook inspiration

digital scrapbook inspiration

digital scrapbook inspiration

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  • I’ve driven my daughter nut when we’re out taking photos of the doors, exterior, and cememt flooring of an Anthropolgie store near us. New it would make great paper making material!

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