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My baby girl is 10 years old!

In a blink of an eye….
You went from a 10lb8oz baby girl… to a loud and colorful toddler…

To here…

How did that happen? When did this happen?
I just want to stop time, or do the last 10 years all over again.

My dear sweet sophia,
I can’t believe what a amazing young lady you are turning out to be. You are a such a loving and sincere girl. I love that you still have that bigger than life personality… it exudes into everything you do. I still love that you get excited over the littlest of things. You are forever trying to make someone laugh with your witty comments, (totally your daddy in you). You always have an excited voice, and are forever coming up with new games or have an idea. You make me smile, everyday. I wish i could wish for you to stay little… but unfortunately time keeps moving on, and you keep growing like a weed. After measuring you yesterday at 5ft 2in, I know it won’t be too long before you are taller than your mama.
BUT… mo matter how much time goes on, or how tall you become…you’ll always be my baby girl.

happy birthday sophie, my sweet girl.
i can’t imagine my life without you in it.
love you,