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Ideas for Making Boy Pages with Spring-Themed Collections

Hi there! Amy Kingsford here–a proud member of Sahlin Studio’s creative team–and today I’d like to share a few ideas with you about making boy pages with spring-themed kits!

I don’t know about you, but as the mother of two boys I first found my self shying away from purchasing spring-themed kits. I felt like I wouldn’t use their soft colors and sometimes feminine elements in my pages outside of the one or two Easter layouts that I might do in a year. But over the last couple of years I’ve become “enlightened,” you might say, to some of the fun and purposeful ways that these themed products can be used in the many everyday pages that I make for my boys’ albums.

Below I’ve shared some ideas that you might consider for putting spring colors and elements to use in your seasonal and everyday pages that you make for your boys.

Use spring-themed embellishments and colors to capture a boy’s softer side.

Those of us who are mothers to boys know that life isn’t all dirt and fun–you’ve probably also had the occasion to witness your son’s softer side as well and personally I never pass up an opportunity to capture these moments in my pages.

I love the way the light hits my son’s face and his half-smile in the photo that I’ve used in my page “Extraordinary Boy.” They both speak to his softer, sweeter side which doesn’t always show itself. I’ve used soft elements and papers from the spring-themed collection A Spring Day and mixed them with some everyday ephemera in an effort to capture the essence behind this rare and tender everyday moment in my page design.

Inspirational Scrapbook Layout

Extraordinary Boy by Amy Kingsford


Use spring-themed embellishments to set the scene for your outdoor Spring photos.

Creating a scene within your scrapbook page designs can be a fun way to recreate your memories while establishing a feeling of “being there” for those who are merely viewing your pages.

In my page “About You” I’ve used a more masculine color scheme, but paired it with these feminine butterflies and flowering branches included in the Sunshine and Daffodils kit. However I’ve used them in a way that helps me to extend the scene in the backdrop of my photo onto my page–The overall look is one which conveys a playful tone and invites the viewer into my page.

Inspirational Scrapbook Layout

About You by Amy Kingsford


Use spring-themed embellishments and papers to help you tell your story.

It is common to use less journaling or no title in seasonal or event pages in an effort to help us get more photos onto our pages. Using spring-themed embellishments and papers can help us to tell the story behind some of the special spring events in our boys’ lives without the use of these extra words.

In Krista’s page “The Hunt Is On” she has chosen to use minimal words and instead let her photos as well as her spring-themed papers and embellishments tell the story behind her boy’s delightful search for eggs this past Easter.

Inspirational Scrapbook Layout

The Hunt Is On by Krista Sahlin


Use spring themed embellishments to draw attention to the colors and details in your photos.

Some moms will shy away from pink and flowers on boy pages no matter what–but for those of you who enjoy the opportunity to play around with colors and elements that you wouldn’t normally use in your boy pages–look to your photos for cues.

In Krista’s page “Kindergarten Graduate” she has chosen spring-inspired colors and embellishments from her Rejuvenate kit that complement her photos wonderfully and has sprinkled them throughout her design. The floral arrangement that acts as a backdrop in the focal photo of her son has provided some wonderful details that Krista has echoed by plopping a bunch of PINK FLOWERS right in the middle of this boy page, which creates an incredible sense of harmony throughout her design.

Inspirational Scrapbook Layout

Kindergarten Graduation by Krista Sahlin


Use pink elements from your spring-themed kits to emphasize key elements.

Regardless of how you feel about using pink in your boy pages there is no denying that pink can serve an important purpose in your scrapbook page designs when it comes to drawing the eye.

If you look at my page “Skipping Stones” its bright pink title is probably one of the first things that you see. The alpha I’ve used is from the Sweet & Skinny Alpha Pack which also contains two other color choices (blue and green) that are far more masculine. However neither of these would have had the same impact on my page.

I absolutely love this photo of my nephew, but without the context that the title provides it may be difficult for the viewer to gather the whole story from it–so you can see why it was so important for me to help my title stand out on the page.

Inspirational Scrapbook Layout

Skipping Stones by Amy Kingsford

The papers and elements from the Rejuvenate kit have gone a long way to helping this bright pink title feel at home in my design and in helping me to tell my story.

And when all is said and done I can honestly say that no other color would have been more effective in this page design than the pink that I used for my title and then echoed sparingly throughout the page. The end result is not an overly feminine feel but instead and eye-catching design with a strong sense of story and movement built into it.

So how about it?
Are you ready to start putting spring-themed products to work on your boy pages?

Here are a few product ideas to get you started: