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Another Year Completed & Scrap Book Printed

I love when it’s finally time for printing!!  It’s just the best feeling?  I completed another entire years’ worth of layouts… so that means getting some of those layouts off of my hard drive and into a completed book!

I use MyPicTales for my printing and have always had really great and beautiful results . I print into bound coffee table books that are 10×10″, becuase they are not to big, and not too little… it’s just the right size for reading and admiring! Also, also I love getting them printed into a bound book version becuase they look so beautiful to store and when you flip through them! Usually I can fit the year in two (2) bound books, but 2008 took three (3) books to fit it all in.

Ready to take a look?

I store them in our media center in the living room. They fit and look beautifully to look at everyday.

Here is a close up of one of the covers. I usually have a similar cover design for each book, I just change the year and volume of the book. I guess, I just do this because I like a unified look to the books.

Again, the cover or title page is usually very much the same from book to book. I just change out the year and photos from that time period.
here is a closer look at the title page…

Here are a few random pages I was going to share.
(please don’t mind the poor quality of the photos. I was in a hurry today and probably should’ve gotten a tripod out to take these versus trying to open the book and shooting fast before it closed.) HAHA!

I love to mix traditionally scrapped page in with a full size or large photo on the other side. It really gives a good variety when looking through the book,

Here is a photo of a more ‘scrapbooked’ page, and how it printed out.
here is the digital version. It may not look like it in the photograph… but in real life looking at the digital version and the printed version, it is very much true to color.
here is a closer look at the printed version. the shadows turned out amazingly!

Here are a few pages with full page photos as well.
Full picture pages always look AMAZING printed out, so professional I think.

Here are a couple two separate traditionally scrapped pages and how they look together.


At the end of each book I always end with the same quoted word art. “my most treasured moment”

Here is the front cover of one of the books and the back cover.

Aren’t they awesome!! It’s so nice to look at physical books and not on the computer screen. I hope this inspires you to start printing off a few of your your own layouts!



  • Fantastic! What's your secret? I just end up bouncing all over the place and get my pages printed one by one. Would love to be able to do a book every year!

  • Oh wow – they're gorgeous!

  • The Julanders says:

    Love them.
    I have had troubles printing my pages into books. What type/size of margin do you allow. My last book I lost about 1/2 inch in the printing…very frustrating, especially on two page layouts. So any tips would be appreciated THANKS

  • jacque4u2c says:

    So adorable!

  • love them Krista!

  • They ARE fabulous!!! Totally inspiring me to make mine. LOVE LOVE albums!

  • oh god, i havent even come CLOSE to finishing a book. i amsoooooo very proud of you sweety! beautiful!

  • Rebecca H. says:

    i love it krista! i'm a wee bit jealous! i've been thinking about printing some older albums in a bound coffee table book like that… but that would require that i actually get a year finished first! maybe i'll make that one of my 2011 goals!

  • Monique1971 says:

    Wow Krista! love it. Your albums looks great and I love the covers! Thanks for sharing and for giving inspiration.

  • How cool Krista! At first I thought you were saying you were done with 2010 and I was like WHAT?! How is she so current!!!?? The books are just lovely and I bet your family LOVES looking through them!!!

  • amazing!!! I don't know how you do it, I jump all over the place and haven't finished a single year yet.

  • Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever says:

    Krista, you have not only inspired, but helped me over a couple of hurdles in how I wish to put together annual family year books for my fiance's side of the family. Being the "extremely" visual person that I am, it always helps me to see things up close and personal and I thank you for allowing us inside of your personal project to glean from!

    I am currently working on my very first photo book, which will cover the second year of one of our grandson's life. I am very excited to get it completed sometime this month!

    With over 30 years of photos to scrap for my six children, I decided some time ago that photo books will be the method to my madness! LOL!

    Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks again for sharing your finished photo book! It is AWESOME!

    Hugs …

  • Kelseyll =) says:

    These are beautiful and I like the consistency of album cover choice with just switching out the pics from year to year. I've tried 4 companies so far for books, none of which I think I will go with for important family albums. It was great to see yours! Thanks for sharing. How many pages are you printing in one volume?