Violet Frost (Elements)

Violet Frost (Elements) by Sahlin Studio and Precocious Paper
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Violet Frost (Elements) by Sahlin Studio and Precocious Papers

Boy pages, girl pages, travel pages, heritage pages- flowers are the one element you can (and should!) use on just about any type of page!  But some flowers work better for certain types of layouts than others. Violet Frost: Flowers, a collab with Precocious Papers, contains wonderfully detailed and beautiful blooms that are carefully crafted in thick, wide ribbons, heavy denims, and layered woolens. Their stunning purple hues and glittery textures make them sure to brighten up any beautifully chilly page.

Element pack includes 13 unique, unshadowed elements. Includes: * 10 fabric flowers * 2 snowflakes * 1 leaf *


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