Rub-On Fillers: Harvest

Rub-On Filler: Harvest by Sahlin Studio
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Rub-On Fillers: Harvest by Sahlin Studio

As the golden days of autumn draw to a close and the holidays draw near, it’s easier to focus on what matters most: family, friends, & home. Celebrate the things you hold dear in a beautiful way with my Rub-On Fillers: Harvest element pack! With softly blended edges, vintage dictionary illustrations and elegantly scripted paper bits, these gorgeous items will help you create beautiful, uplifting pages in a snap! Use one or two to create a clean, simple background for the yearly family photo, or pile on a bunch to document the traditional trip to the pumpkin patch. No matter how you use them, these Rub-On Fillers will help you to create heirloom quality pages your family will enjoy looking at for years to come!

Element pack contains 15 items. * 4 scribbled doodles * 5 vintage illustrations * 1 floral card * 1 confetti scatter * 2 dictionary clippings * 1 postmark * 1 handwritten letter *


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