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Using Elements as Title | This Awesome Memory

Wendy Morris-Saponaro Hybrid Layout, Awesome Memory | Sahlin Studio

Resolutions and affirmations aside, I can say that one thing will always ring true and solid in my daily living…making awesome memories. You agree? Sometimes we are so involved in the hamster wheel of routines and daily grind, do we really STOP or PAUSE to appreciate the memories we are making, the positive and the negative, the good and the bad?

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The Magic Begins: Hybrid Layout – Wendy Morris-Saponaro

Wendy Morris-Saponaro Hybrid Layout, The Magic Begins | Sahlin Studio

Project Mouse = for Universal? Absolutely!! Check out Wendy’s take on using the Project Mouse collection to use for her Universal Studios trip. It’s pretty incredible!! The joy, the anticipation, the unexpected… this “magic IS what it’s all about”.

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Wendy Morris-Saponaro – GIRLBOSS Hybrid Layout

Wendy Morris-Saponaro | Girlboss Hybrid Layout

I seriously did a ‘fist pump’ when the Like a Boss collection was released. Last month, I celebrated my five year anniversary with my company & The Like a Boss collection was pivotal and an anthem in documenting my latest career accomplishment. Also, if you are a fan of #Girlboss, then another ‘fist pump’ as we girls can roll it as our own boss to seek out the opportunities where we are talented and where we can flourish. See more of the details here…

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