XOXO by Sahlin Studio
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XOXO by Sahlin Studio

Remember being a kid and how exciting it was to make your class valentine’s? You’d pick out just the right doily hearts, add some sparkly glitter, then carefully scrawl sweet nothings inside a construction paper shell. It’s time to capture that feeling all over again with my ‘XOXO” element kit! Overflowing with frothy sweetness, this pack is the cutest collection of vintage valentine ephemera imaginable. Love-letter postcards, wooden heart charms, cardstock flowers, glitter washi tape- now anytime is the perfect time to celebrate those you love! Just layer up a few of these adorable bits & baubles and you have a ready to go digital (or hybrid) card fit for your prince or princess – whether they’re 15 or 50!

Element pack contains 26 unique items:  * 1 addition flashcard * 4 brads * 2 heart decorated cards * 2 paper flowers * 1 glitter tape * 1 felted heart * 1 doily heart * 1 wooden heart * 1 iron key * 1 “love” flashcard set * 1 piece sheet music * 1 sheet graph paper * 1 postcard * 1 tag * 1 ticket strip * 1 piece of tulle * 4 vintage valentines * 1 yarn embroidered circle *


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