Jacquard Ribbons No. 2

Jacquard Ribbon Trims No. 2 by Sahlin Studio


Jacquard Ribbon Trims No. 2 by Sahlin Studio

Add a bit of cheery texture to your page with my Jacquard Ribbons: No.2! Carefully scanned and extracted, these colorful trims are embroidered with pretty geometric, floral, and heart patterns! They are perfect for anywhere you’d like to bring a bit of vintage sweetness to your work- layer them, make a fabric frame, or use just one for a charming page accent.  Scrapping some vintage Woodstock photos? Have a recent trip to Norway to record? Or do you have a backlog of July 4th pics sitting on your hard drive? Dally no longer- bring on the ribbon!

Element pack contains 10 unshadowed ribbons.


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