Arrow Paper Clips

Digital Arrow Paper Clips by Sahlin Studio
Adorable Cat Digital Scrapbooking Layout by Hanazana1 using Paper Clip - Arrows by Sahlin StudioScootch Digital Scrapbooking Layout by stampin_rachel using Paper Clip - Arrows by Sahlin StudioHappy digital scrapbooking layout by Icajovita using Paper Clips-Arrows by Sahlin StudioBlessing digital scrapbooking layout by sucali using Paper Clips - Arrows by Sahlin Studio


Arrow Paper Clips | Sahlin Studio

Fasteners are a great way to add a bit of depth and realism to your scrapbook pages. You can “attach” anything from photos, to ephemera and papers. But the variety in most digital kits leaves a bit to be desired – the same few buttons & staples. Paperclips are one of the most fun fasteners to use in scrapbooking…. you tend to find it everywhere in paper scrapping (a bit more rare in the digital). So I decided to create a few, and work off of the trend of arrows. What fun way to bring focus to an area on your page.

With metal and plastic versions in several colors and shapes, you’re sure to find lots of uses for these Arrow Paper Clips! There are even a few that come “pre-clipped”, making it super easy to add realistic dimension to your page! Try using them to draw attention to a special photo!

Included are: 10 unique arrows; 2 “pre-clipped” versions


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